April 6th, 2010 by smow

Congratulations to Vial, Patrick Frey and Polymerpark for winning a 2010 iF Matrial Award

At the moment we can’t actually say any more – because details of exactly what they have won is top secret until the official prize ceremony in Hannover on April 20th.

But well done.

More details can be found at Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial or at the (smow) Nook page.

Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial

Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial

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Nook by Patrick Frey
January 22nd, 2010 by julius
Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial

Nook by Patrick Frey for Vial

In a previous life Patrick Frey created one of our favourite Moormann products: Kant.

And we think he may have done it again with Nook his new stool for vial.

Manufactured in a single piece from VarioLine – an injection moulded plastic – the folded form is held together by an aluminium catch in the base.

The tension generated in the VarioLine give Nook its stability and durability.

In addition, thanks to the nature of the VarioLine Nook is weather and UV resistant and so can be used just as well indoors as out. And is a lot heavier than you might imagine meaning there is no real danger of it blowing over in the slightest breeze.

We particularly like the fact that Nook looks like its about to break; the white edges giving the impression of over tension.

It isn’t, and it wont.

It just looks like it.

And it’s made in Dresden. Which makes it highest quality modern East German design technology.

Kölle Alaaf: Nook by Patrick Frey for vial

Nook by Patrick Frey also a table

Nook by Patrick Frey: a family of furniture

Nook by Patrick Frey

Nook by Patrick Frey

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