In addition to his Kids Only Collection, Richard Lampert presented two new products in Milan: Stijl by Alexander Seifried and

Or indeed any side table from Moormann. Based in a remote alpine valley hard on the Germany/Austria border it is

Congratulations to Vial, Patrick Frey and Polymerpark for winning a 2010 iF Matrial Award At the moment we can’t actually

In a previous life Patrick Frey created one of our favourite Moormann products: Kant. And we think he may have

Over Easter we had hoped to hoped to get to Karlsruhe to have a look at the exhibition: Interface Desk,

The (smow) blog has more than once suggested that designer furniture is more than just a comfortable place to sit

The dollop of cream atop the perfect office is a practical, aesthetic and user friendly trolley. In general an office

Six years ago Nils Holger Moormann, designer and furniture producer, started a process against Ikea – accusing the Swedish company