Aside from the ability to accurately focus light, Richard Sapper had a further motivation in designing his Tizio lamp: “Another

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With the winter solstice behind us and the days growing noticeably longer, the Vitra Design Museum exhibition Lightopia draws slowly

“My, my, my, Delilah! Why, why, why, Delilah!”

The morning of Friday September 27th 2013 was one of those misty autumn occasions that cause SANAA’s immense new Vitra Factory Building in Weil am Rhein to merge, almost unseen, with the grey background. Even Herzog & de Meuron’s new Basel Messe complex was reduced to nothing more grand than a continuation of the uncaring monotonous sky. The glitzing, shimmering palace of high summer just the weak shadow of a memory.

And so it was perhaps fitting that the Vitra Design Museum choose this dank September morn to open their latest exhibition, “Lightopia”, an exhibition devoted to light.

For today was a clear warning, in the coming months we will all be in need of a little light.

vitra design museum lightopia

We’re not in New York for ICFF this year. Last year was just toooooo traumatic… Which is a shame because

G’day! What with all the excitement about the new iSlate, we missed Australia Day yesterday. And so wanted to use

Although we’ll probably always have problems with design and branding Awards, we do appreciate the value and importance that many