DMY Berlin: be Berlin(4)

Berlin didn’t become the pulsating metropolis its is by blithely doing what everyone else does.

Oh no, Berlin became Berlin because it was Berlin.

And now so that we all can bathe in wonder of what “Berlin” means, the city marketing authorities have started an education programme, “be Berlin“, in which they instruct us all how we too can be like them.

And in conjunction with the DMY design festival, (smow)blog can exclusively reveal a few secrets as to how you too can “be Berlin”

be Berlin Tip 4: Grass cars

Driving. Who likes to drive? No one likes to drive. The Berliners know that and so they developed grass cars. Not only do they give the city a more pleasant feel – especially during that Monday morning drive to work – but they offer plenty of space on which to graze small animals such as pygmy goats or guinea pigs. The end of the Cold War has its roots in this unique Berlin arrangement.

And so go on, buy a grass car, and “be Berlin”.


be Berlin Tip 4: Grass cars

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