DMY Youngsters: My Own Super Studio

The International Design Festival Berlin is over, but the pleasing afterglow remains.

In particular through joys such as that presented by Portugese designer My Own Super Studio.

At designer furniture shows one sees a lot of furniture, but not much that genuinely excites on account of its genuine innovation.

Fiss Family by My Own Super Studio

Fiss Family by My Own Super Studio

Fiss Family by my own super studio is one of the rarities. Fiss Family is essentially a set of 4 colour coded – Big Blue, Small Yellow, Long Green and Fat Orange – lamps. Or better put a set of 4 colour coded ingenious lamps. Not only do the look like tables, but they really can be used as small tables. In addition their downward flowing light means that although they stand unobtrusively and “non-lamp like” in a room they generate a soft, atmospheric lamp perfect for a quiet evening watching a film, listening to music or whatever.

We found not only the idea fantastic, but also the execution and craftsmanship was second to none. Fiss Family are definitely well worth further investigation.
Also highly interesting was the modular sidboard – we were so taken by it we forgot to ask what it is called :(

There is a lot of modular furniture around at the moment, and a lot of it that is – as with My Own Super Studio’s Unit –  limitlessly extendable and can be organised and reorganised as you require and as often as you require.

Extendable Modular unit from My Own Super Studio

Extendable Modular unit from My Own Super Studio

What attracted us to this Portuguese market entry, however, is on the one hand the simplicity – even we could construct it – and secondly the fact that the supports can be used an informal storage element for loose papers, pamphlets or CD’s.

Looks good, works and offers excellent space utilization.

What more do you need.

There was, if we’re brutally honest, an awful lot of rubbish on show at DMY. Fortunately there was also truly memorable and exciting furniture such at that from My Own Super Studio.


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