(smow) Reports: USM Haller Seminar and Workshop

One of the unseen aspects of the furniture industry is the relationship between dealer and producer.

For most people their only contact with a furniture dealer is when buying a new sofa. Or bookshelves.

And so most people assume that that it is all furniture shops do. Sell sofas. And bookshelves.

However an important part of a, quality, furniture shop’s business is concerned with larger scale contracts; for example fitting out offices, hotels or working with architects on a redevelopment project.

And in such cases a close co-operation with the producer is important to ensure everything runs smoothly.

But also for private customers buying individual items, it is important that your chosen dealer has a good relationship with your chosen producer. Problems can arise and when they do you want them solved in a quick and uncomplicated fashion. And that works best when the producer and dealer understand one another.

And so for (smow) maintaining a healthy relationship with their suppliers is just as important as keeping their customers happy.

Or indeed the (smow)blog crew fridge well stocked with cold Brötchen!

And so on a very, very, wet Saturday in May 2011 (smow) set off to visit USM Haller for a two day seminar and workshop.

In keeping with the (smow) philosophy it wasn’t just the sales team who made the trip. For just as every dispatch ready USM Haller sideboard is the result of a co-ordinated team effort, so to does the success or failure of a company like (smow) depend on everyone’s input, and so all were invited. Even IT.

On the condition that they drove.

Neuweier Weinwandertag 2011

Neuweier Weinwandertag 2011

The seminar started informally on Sunday with the annual Neuweier Weinwandertag – a delightful stroll through the vineyards of Neuweier. With regular tastings. Obviously.

Under the experienced leadership of the USM bosses we all safely negotiated our way around the 8km route before enjoying a pleasant buffet in a local hotel.

But it wasn’t all highly agreeable meals washed down with local wine.

On the Monday a joint USM Haller/(smow) workshop was staged at the USM HQ in Bühl. Over the course of the day a number of themes were discussed including how we could all work better together, what (smow) expect from USM and what USM expect from (smow).

At times the discussion did became “intense”, but only through such basic discussions can a relationship progress, and at the of the day all had the feeling that we had learned something and profited.

And then with the last of the brezels eaten and the coffee machine drunk dry, we bade our farewells and headed back to Leipzig.

What we learned from the seminar and workshop will be posted here in the coming months.

And what the (smow)team learned can be gleaned by simply requesting a quote for a USM Haller unit.

Full details of what can be done with USM Haller can be found at USM Haller individual.

And further photos from the (smow) USM Haller seminar and workshop can be found at facebook.com/smowcom

The USM Haller reception in Bühl

The USM Haller reception in Bühl

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