Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 – Concours d’Élégance

Away from the race track a real highlight of “Die Hölle von Aschau” was the Concours d’Élégance.

Ahead of the event Moormann sent out miniature Bookinist kits to their clients, partners and chums with the request that they be “pimped” and returned.

If we’re honest we don’t think that they expected to get that many back.

And so they were genuinely all the more impressed with not only the response but the very high quality of the responses.

From a Gingerbread Bookinist over Popemobiles and onto something unspeakably coarse if equally cool from Jehs + Laub, the fantasy and artistic talent of Moormann’s extended family is clearly limitless.

It was truly a delight to behold. The full gallery can be viewed here

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 Concours d'Élégance

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011: Concours d'Élégance

A kit also arrived in the (smow)HQ.

(smow) of course wouldn’t be (smow) if they simply followed rules as laid down by others. Even when the “other” is Nils Holger Moormann.

And so, yes, (smow) customised a Bookinist kit. But (smow) customised a 1:1 scale Bookinist.

Constructed in the valley’s of south Sachsen by local craftsmen using traditional production methods and employing an environmentally friendly electric motor in contrast to Moormann’s ozone challenging, and quite frankly last century, diesel motors the (smow) Bookinist was ….

…. immediately disqualified from the race!

And that despite being filled with real books, rather than stickers on other race Bookinists we could mention!

However after several appeals the race jury graciously decided to create an extra category for exceptional examples of East German engineering and the (smow) team were finally allowed into the pit lane to prepare for battle.

When the time came, the hours of training proved invaluable on the tight Aschau track and under the jubilation of the gathered thousands the (smow)pilot brought his chariot home in a very respectable time of 1:17.65

Which in a fair and just world would have been 8th place.

And then as the rest of the participants partied the night away, (smow)racing were still out and about, improving their skills on the rain soaked cobblestones of Aschau.

Much as you’d expect…..

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 smow bookinist

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011: The (smow) Bookinist takes shape.....

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 smow bookinist test

... a test round in the Moormann car park ....

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 smow bookinist race

.....before blitzing round the Bookinist Cup 2011 course.

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 smow bookinist meat

Then while others dined on and with the other competitors ...

Die Hölle von Aschau 2011 smow bookinist night

......(smow) kept on racing through the night.

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