International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013: Nominations and Awards Party

Having already been to Chemnitz once this year we really are loathed to go a second time. It somehow feels unfair. Unjust.

Twice. In one year. Why us!

However on Saturday September 7th the winners of the International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013 contest will be announced and the awards exhibition formally opened.

In the Industriemuseum Chemnitz.

And we will be there.

marianne brandt industriemuseum chemnitz

Industrial Museum Chemnitz NOT Industrial Museum, Chemnitz

In the middle of June the nomination shortlist was unveiled, and even though it contains just the names of the nominated design studios and no reference to the actual projects involved, it is all very promising.

In addition to established (smow) favourites including Karoline Fesser, Yi-Cong Lu or Veronika Wildgruber, the nominations in the product design category represent a nice mix of nationalities, backgrounds and genres. Similarly the nominations in the category “Cradle to Cradle” would seem to present a nice variety of philosophies, approaches and contexts, assuming that is we have correctly deduced which projects are involved.Which obviously isn’t that easy.

We sadly can’t comment any further on the photography nominations. Too limited is our knowledge.

However on September 7th we will all be a lot wiser.

The awards ceremony is however just one part of an evening of festivities lined up for September 7th.

In our interview with the competition’s co-organisers Linda Pense and Stefan Hannig the pair revealed that “….we have decided against having a formal awards ceremony in favour of a more informal event, loosely based if you like on the famous Bauhaus festivals with music, art, good food and even better conversation.

And the programme doesn’t disappoint.

In addition to discussions, a paper bar, dance demonstrations, a paper bar, a mask ball and a paper bar, the Australian born, Berlin based, singer-songwriter Kat Frankie will perform live.

And the really good news is that this year there will be no speech by…. No we’d better not say any more.

Which all in all sounds like an event well worth attending.

We know we complain a lot about Chemnitz.

But we complain about a lot. All the time. And more often than not are wrong.

And so we would advise heeding the organisers cordial invitation and attending. For quite aside from the festivities the evening offers a chance to experience some frighteningly good contemporary art, design and craft.

The organisers have even set up a “Guest Office” to help and advise all those who need accommodation for the evening.

Full details on the International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013, the nominations, the awards party and contact information for the guest office can be found at


Marianne Brandt Contest 2010 Awards Ceremony: Marlen Pelny performs a Marianne Brandt poem under the artist's watchful gaze.

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