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László Moholy-Nagy may have given Marianne Brandt “mettle for metal”, and metal may be the material with which she is most readily and popularly associated; however, as she wrote in 1922, “Ich bin ganz von Glas”….. I am entirely glass.

Fragile? Transparent? Opaque? Metamorphic? Refractive? Sparkling?

For its 7th edition the triennial International Marianne Brandt Contest sought projects exploring glass in all its interpretations, properties and essences; the 60 nominated projects being presented alongside a cabinet showcase devoted to Marianne Brandt in the exhibtion Ich bin ganz von Glas. Marianne Brandt and the Art of Glass Today at the Sächsische Industriemuseum Chemnitz.

Ich bin ganz von Glas. Marianne Brandt and the Art of Glass Today, Sächsische Industriemuseum Chemnitz

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2016 Exhibition, Chemnitz Museum of Industry

The winners and nominated projects from the 2016 International Marianne Brandt Contest can be viewed in an exhibition in Chemnitz.

Since 2000 the International Marianne Brandt Contest has been searching for the Poetry of the Functional in art and design.

2tables by Albertine Baronius

For us one of the stand-out projects submitted to the 2013 International Marianne Brandt Contest was without question 2tables by

After the relative calm and civility of July and August, September sees a more than inconsequential upping of our professional

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013 Award Photography Jan Manney Eldorado

We’re not going to pretend everyone is enamoured with our constant pops at Chemnitz. Truth is for the majority our

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013 Award Photography Jan Manney Eldorado

On Saturday September 7th the winners of the International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013 were unveiled at an awards ceremony in

Having already been to Chemnitz once this year we really are loathed to go a second time. It somehow feels

Despite a very personal, and very, very, old, aversion to all things Chemnitz – a situation we really should start

International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013

Older readers will be well aware of the high esteem in which we hold the Bauhaus educated designer Marianne Brandt.

At the 2010 Marianne Brandt Contest, Halle based designer Caspar Huckfeldt won the (smow)/Vitra Special Prize for his “Damensattel” In

Awards ceremonies are all well and good – but much more important is the exhibition to accompany the contest. And


Although the Marianne Brandt Contest is on the surface about Marianne Brandt, the awards ceremony in Chemnitz on Friday stood

When we heard that the 2010 International Marianne Brandt Contest exhibition was going to be held in the Industrial Museum,

Chemnitz is without doubt the ugliest city in Sachsen. If not Europe. And so it is all the more surprising