(smow) intern: G’day (smow) Australia Blog

For many, the darkest, furthest removed edge of the (smow) universe is (smow) Chemnitz.

(smow) however reaches further.

Much further.

To Manly, New South Wales, to be precise and (smow) Australia.

More of a cousin than a member of the immediate (smow) family, (smow) Australia offer products by leading European manufacturers including Nils Holger Moormann, Richard Lampert, LoCa, Jonas & Jonas and Kabré-Leipzig to the good people of Sydney and, through their online shop, beyond. And now have their own blog: (smow) Australia Blog.

In addition to regular posts on the wonderful world of Nils Holger Moormann the (smow) Australia Blog also aims to document and cover themes of relevance, importance and interest to all passionate about high quality contemporary furniture, architecture and interiors in Australia.

We obviously recommend it. And for our part, we’re looking forward to “borrowing” ideas from our antipodean cobbers.

G’day (smow) Australia Blog!

smow australia

(smow) Australia: A new star for a new country......

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