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An Island; A Notion; A Context

Our deliberations on Bauhaus and music very naturally led us to a whole raft of further deliberations on the associations between music and other forms of creative expression; and for all the question, given that so many of those Bauhäusler who had/could have had second careers as musicians were artists, are there designers who have/had second careers as musicians…….

…….of course there are……

6 D 030 Z by Charles Ray Eames for Evans for Zenith Radio. Designers can create the means to enjoy music, but also make music to enjoy.....

aram gallery future stars

The inescapable chill in the morning air and the deep-seated boredom in the eyes of school aged children can only

V&A Museum London British Design 1948-2012 Innovation in the Modern Age architecture

At the end of March the V&A Museum London opened the exhibition “British Design 1948-2012. Innovation in the Modern Age”,

The Top 5 Lamps from the smow design spring. In no particular order. Kete by David Turnbridge. One of the

For us one of the discoveries of the ICFF was Brooklyn based designer Jason Miller. Miller’s design contains undeniable elements

We came, we saw, we sat on the floor… But it needn’t have been so….. Once again the Europeans show

A Thursday evening in New York and the finer elements of Manhattan society meet to celebrate the opening of the

Sometimes we get the feeling no one really wants us here in Leipzig. Not that we are complaining – or

Graffiti is the plural of the Italian word graffito meaning “writing” and as already reported is a highly regarded art

British designer Tom Dixon’s Milan 2009 show is taking place under the motto “Back to Basics – Utility”. A title