smow am rhein: Kölle Alaaf

We’re not going to pretend we’re fans of Carnival. Truth be told, for us Carnival and Oktoberfest belong to a class of cultural events that indicate a nation still struggling to come to terms with the fact that woolly mammoths no longer roam the land.

Or that women are allowed to vote.

However, we’re in Cologne and so we can at least pretend that we find alcohol fuelled violence oh-so amusing.
Especially when presented in conjunction with a Papier-mâché model of Angela Merkel with an exaggerated cleavage.


And so under the title “Kölle Alaaf” we will present those products that particularly catch our attention during Cologne Design Week; products which we feel are worthy of a special mention.

Kölle Alaaf is the traditional  “battle cry” of Carnival goers in Cologne and can be heard throughout the city during Carnival. Roughly translated it means “Everywhere else this would be called Komasaufen, but in Cologne it’s the cultural highpoint of the year!”.

In our case Kölle Alaaf translates simply as quality designer furniture!

smow am Rhein: Kölle Alaaf

smow am Rhein: Kölle Alaaf

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