Thanks to Egon by Alexander Seifried, the Eiermann table frame can be used to create round tables. Here with the chair Prater by Marco Dessi, as seen at Richard Lampert @ IMM Cologne 2016

According to Brigitte Eiermann her late husband, the German architect and designer Egon Eiermann, would work so long on a

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Back at the end of 2014 we mused as to whether or not this might be an apposite moment to

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Full house in teh smowroom for teh Leipzig Buchmesse readings

While critics denounce such as an easy and obvious way to generate content – for us reviewing the past year

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Students, more than just decoration at IMM Cologne?

Fear not, we’ve still got a duffel bag full of products and stories from our week in Cologne to bring

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IMM Cologne: Design Talents

Students. They’re a bit like the monsoon rains in Bangladesh. Cause havoc and distress, yet without them out them human

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Saturn by

On Wednesday a tweet fluttered into our (smow)twitter from @imm_cologne with the information that the Munich based producer ClassiCon had

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luca lean by maigrau designers fair 2010

According to the advertising information “The leaning lamp stresses the relationship between light and architecture by its generous gesture” That

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smow am Rhein: Kölle Alaaf

We’re not going to pretend we’re fans of Carnival. Truth be told, for us Carnival and Oktoberfest belong to a

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With the (smow)blog team on their way to IMM, the good burgers of Cologne have increased the citys defences...

With the Christmas pounds still causing us to sink deeper into the January snow than we find attractive, it is

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