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Win the (smow) Algue Christmas Tree!

As you all know for us design must not only have a function: everything must have a purpose and reason.

And so it follows that cutting down a perfectly healthy tree and letting it stand in the corner of our flat for a couple of weeks before throwing it away, just isn’t an option for us.

Which is why the (smow) Christmas Tree is made from Algue by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Although intended as a room divider, Algue is versatile enough to perform a range of functions – including that of a Christmas Tree.

And this year we are offering our Vitra Algue Christmas Tree as a bribe, sorry, prize.

On 12th night we’ll choose one of our facebook “fans” at random and send them the tree*

To be in with a chance of winning, simply “like” the smow facebook page – and then wait.

More details and photos can be found at

The (smow) Algue Christmas Tree - yours to have.

The (smow) Algue Christmas Tree - yours to have.

* Just to clarify the winner won’t receive the actual (smow) Christmas Tree – as organising the delivery would probably cause our logistics manager to have a heart attack. The winner will in fact receive 25 red and 25 green Vitra Algue – enough to build your Christmas Tree, or indeed whatever you so require.

5 Responses to “Win the (smow) Algue Christmas Tree!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Is the winner limited to 25 red and 25 green?

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Brian, Should you win the Vitra Algues we may be open to negotiations regarding the colours …. But you are definitely limited to 2 x 25 Algues :)

  3. Guido Says:

    Does anyone know why Vitra stopped producing the Algues in the 50er boxes? Somehow that seemed the better size for me…..

  4. Rachael Jordan Says:

    Algue is without question one of my favourite vitra products. Thanks for the competition!!

  5. admin Says:

    Hello Guido.
    As far as we can determine from Vitra it’s a question of packaging and presentation.
    the 50er Algue boxes were quite large, difficult to handle and not optimal for storing the Algues.
    With the 25er algue boxes the packaging is much better and so is the transport.
    But we do agree with you – 50 was a better quantity.

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