Our increasingly networked, digital, virtual society is not only changing our relationship to innumerable everyday activities, activities such as personal communication, shopping or watching television to name but three, and thereby activities which a few short years ago seemed destined to remain unchanged for ever, but is also changing our relationship to work, be that in terms of what we do, where we do it or how we do it.

Changes which invariably place both new demands on our furniture, and our understanding of the term “functional” in context of furniture; an understanding which a few short years ago seemed destined to remain unchanged for ever.

With the showcase USM Haller HomeWork smow Cologne consider responses to such evolutions with the assistance of the USM Haller modular furniture system.

USM Haller HomeWork, smow Cologne

As regular readers will be well aware, here at smow blog HQ we’re very much of the opinion that fashion isn’t design. Never was. Never will be. Design, and without wanting to wade too deep into the definition quagmire, arose from applied craft/applied art, fashion is applied craft/applied art. And so while unquestionably a creative discipline, isn’t design. Neither is Graphic.

Design can however inspire and influence fashion, past decades recalling numerous occasions of fashion houses being motivated by designers’ works, a particularly apposite recent example being the news that Swiss fashion house Akris have based their Spring/Summer 2018 collection on the works of Alexander Girard, news which motivated us to retrieve a few classic items from the smow blog wardrobe……

USM Stahlbausystem Haller advertising

Before Fritz Haller achieved international recognition for the USM modular furniture system, he was…….. a steel construction system! Born in

USM - Rethink the Modular, Milan Design Week 2015

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer’s USM Haller modular furniture system USM instigated a series

USM Privacy Panels

For reasons far too abstract, intangible, and potentially libellous, to go into, we didn’t report on the inaugural presentation of

Konrad Wachsmann, Fritz Haller, USM

In our 5 New Design Exhibitions for January 2015 post we noted with dismay, and an unmistakable hint of accusation,

May may have been slow in the past. May. For aside from DMY Berlin, Fritz Haller in Basel, Niek van

Fritz Haller Architect and Researcher Swiss Architecture Museum Basel USM Pavillon

Until August 24th the Swiss Architecture Museum, SAM, in Basel is staging “Fritz Haller. Architect and Researcher”, an exhibition devoted

Unsichtbare Dinge Typisch chinesisch Typisch deutsch at the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg Germany erledigt

Mayday! Mayday! Don’t panic. It’s just a public holiday. You’ll survive. Barbecue something…… And afterwards, when everyone else is back

USM powder coating facility Münsingen

As a general rule we ignore rules. Especially those rules that start with “don’t” However, when we were told not

usm window lock

If you visit the Bussalp restaurant above the Swiss resort town of Grindelwald you can experience a curious, inconspicuous, almost

Passagen Cologne 2014 System USM Haller Facetten (smow) Köln

Aside from death, taxes and heartbreak, the only other certainty in life is that you will, with an unnerving regularity,

totale stadt Buch-Cover totale stadt 1975 Copyright Fritz Haller gta Archiv ETH Zürich

Imagine you spent your entire career researching and developing modular building systems. Imagine you gave the world radical new approaches

system usm haller

On Thursday and Friday March 15th/16th the ETH Zurich is holding a two day symposium looking at the life and

A few weeks ago we premiered our new film featuring USM Haller in the leading role. This however was not

Sadly we must report that our critically acclaimed short animated film “usm_highboard_m_rubinrot” will not be featured in the 2009 DOK

(click to play) As a few you have noticed (and thanks for the mails by the way, always appreciated) we’ve

For a lot of people USM Haller make units where you can store lever arch files. True. They do. And

The dollop of cream atop the perfect office is a practical, aesthetic and user friendly trolley. In general an office

Occasionally, just occasionally a curious glance at the price of a piece of designer furniture is enough to take your