For George Orwell nothing heralded spring quite like the re-appearance of toads, emerging from their subterranean hibernation and setting off, once again, on life’s great cycle.

Our toads are the flurry of new design and architecture exhibitions which open globally every March, as the international museum and gallery community awake from their winter slumber.

Our highlights for March 2017, featuring new exhibitions in Bielefeld, Helsinki, Weil am Rhein, Utrecht and Paris

5 New Design Exhibitions for March 2017

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Red and blue chair Gerrit T. Rietveld

As we noted in our post from the exhibition Der entfesselte Blick – Die Brüder Rasch und ihre Impulse für

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Blauwe stoel Piet Klaarhamer

One of the advantages of having been running our “5 New Design Exhibitions” series for over a year is that

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Design Miami Basel 2014 Jean Prouvé Galerie Jacques Lacoste

While the art world is awash with anecdotes of cleaners disposing of installations having confused them for rubbish, we’re not

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Triennale Design Museum Milan Made in Slums Mathare Nairobi Koroboi

“My, my, my, Delilah! Why, why, why, Delilah!” The morning of Friday September 27th 2013 was one of those misty

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Vitra Design Museum Confrontations Contemporary Dutch Design Live

Parallel to “Gerrit Rietveld – The Revolution of Space” the Vitra Design Museum Gallery is staging an exhibition exploring some

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gerrit rietveld revolution of space vitra design museum

If your going to organise an exhibition called “The Revolution of Space”, there is probably no more fitting location than

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Spring Excellence Talent and Inspiration in Design Premsela at Designhuis Eindhoven

During Dutch Design Week 2011 Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, opened an exhibition in the Designhuis Eindhoven

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Italian design is, if we all close our eyes for a minute or two and be brutally honest, a lot

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