Modular lighting is a seldom encountered genre, and when it is encountered, then invariably in a very technical form, a form that implies the computer software has taken a greater role in the creative process than the designers understanding of form-giving,

There are however exceptions…..

304 by Nick Beens, as seen at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017

Although as an event Dutch Design Week has always had a focus on presenting design in context, design in practice, our feeling is that of late that focus has intensified, something we thoroughly approve of as it helps make tangible that design is, can be, more than pretty objects; does however mean that you increasingly need to take more time with you to Eindhoven. Or accept that you are going to miss a lot of, potentially, interesting and thought provoking presentations.

Necessity meant that this year we followed option two.

But that still left us more than enough time to discover projects to get cross about, be confused by or simply quietly admire.

Or indeed vocally admire: our Dutch Design Week 2017 High Five!!

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017: High Five!!

“Marcel Breuer seeing a pair of bicycle handle-bars decided to make chairs using the same industrial process”, notes Jasper Morrison in his text, The Poet will not Polish, “the new world constructor seeing a pair of bicycle handle-bars decides to use them as they are and save himself the trouble and expense of bending the tube.”*

On seeing an aluminium tube, Eindhoven based studio OS ∆ OOS followed, in many respects, a similar logic. The result is the Tunnel collection.

OS ∆ OOS @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017

As we believe we’ve noted before, the joy in that exhibition format in which designers present objects which are important and/or relevant to them, is that no matter how often it is repeated it is always new.

Same, same, but different.

For their 2017 show Dutch Invertuals are presenting collections of objects from 45 alumni which have an importance to/relevance for them, or which simply represent an object of wonder and inspiration to the relevant designer. And because it’s Dutch Invertuals they have taken things a step further and each collection is also the starting point for the development a personal container.

Exposing yourself and then using that as the basis for visibly enclosing yourself. A double encapsulation, If you will.

Dutch Invertuals - Fundamentals, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2017

Miller Lounge Chair by Serener for Functionals, as seen Kazerne Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2016

Although one primarily goes to Kazerne Eindhoven to experience experimental, challenging, yet invariably accessible and pertinent design, during Dutch Design

Low Chair Tom Frencken, as seen at Dutch Design Week 2016. Here at the NRE Arena

It goes without saying that picking a “best of” from an event such as Dutch Design Week is impossible. Too

Dutch Design Week 2014 Living Soil by Raya Stefanova Design Academy Eindhoven graduation

As older readers will be aware, one of our all time favourite projects is, was and probably always will be

Dutch Design Week 2014 Dutch Invertuals Cohesion Wendy Plomp

Cohesion is a concept with which we are very familiar. Largely because it is a state we never achieve. Much

Dutch Design Week 2014 Ontwerpduo Impossible things before breakfast Tile Table Tallow

One of the highlights for us of Dutch Design Week 2014 is and was the showcase of works by Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week 2014 Leaning Bench Izabela Bołoz

The presentation of Dirk Vander Kooij’s current collection during Dutch Design Week 2014 took place at Kazerne – the new

Dutch Design Week Special TAB Studios

For us the passion, indeed interest, for living in a shared flat ended approximately 18 months before we moved out

Back in the day when the CD was new and exciting we remember watching a breakfast TV host spread honey on one to demonstrate how indestructible they were. Other CDs were attacked with keys, dowsed in hot coffee and stood on.

These days we all know much better. CDs are destructible. We’ve seen the light.

And at Dutch Design Week 2014 you can can see the light a recycled CD emits.

Or at least the luminescence produced by a mass of recycled CDs in the thoughtfully and intelligently formed Fresnel Suspension Lamp by Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij.

Dutch Design Week 2014 Dirk Vander Kooij Fresnel Suspension Lamp Off

Dutch Design Week 2014 Sectie C

Proving that Eindhoven is full of old factories, but that they are not necessarily all former Philips factories, Sectie C

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2011

Design weeks are part of the daily grind of our profession. For those outwith the industry it all just looks

Dutch Design Week Area 51 Skate Park Eindhoven

Every year at Dutch Design Week we always take time out to escape the design circus and visit Area 51

Dutch Design Week Great Taste for Waste

Inspiration for a design exhibition can come from the most unlikely of places. Even the rubbish your dog picks up

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