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When Italian designer/design theologian Enzo Mari released his Autoprogettazione family of self build furniture in 1974 he did so with

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“I want to create models for a different society, for a way of producing and living differently”, announces Enzo Mari

Berlin Design Week Who is Mari Enzo Mari und die Meisterwerkstatt der KPM

Established in 1751 by Wilhelm Caspar Wegely and taken under royal control by Prussia’s King Frederick II in 1763, the

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Much like those who doubted that the Stone Roses would ever get back together; there are also those who doubt

In a New York Times piece by Alice Rawsthorn1 we read that Enzo Mari once said that he wanted to

Enzo Mari in discussion

On Monday September 5th the Universität der Künste Berlin designtransfer centre hosted a talk with the Italian designer, design critic,