Thonet Orgatec Köln S 160 S 170 S 180 Delphin Design

For just about as long as Thonet have been producing furniture one of the company’s most important designers has been

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“When”, we asked in context of the Grassi Leipzig exhibition Sitting – Lying – Swinging. Furniture from Thonet, “does an exhibition

1875 Swivel Ofiice Chair by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna Grassi Leipzig

By way of a 1st of May, International Workers’ Day, special…… in Milan Ronan Bouroullec told us that the brother’s

Sitzen Liegen Schaukeln Möbel von Thonet Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig

Standing in the Leipzig Grassi Museum for Applied Arts, surrounded by 150 years of Thonet chair history, Peter Thonet, x-times-great

Hans J Wegner and Johannes Hansen JH550 PP550 The Peacock Chair

April 2014, as every April we can ever remember, means Milanese purgatory. Apparently it is meant to cleanse the soul,

The Kramer Principle Design for Variable Use Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt am Main undated prototype upholstered cantilever chair

If we were to be completely honest we would have to admit that although we were aware of the name

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Our coverage of IMM Cologne 2014 may be reaching its conclusion, but we still have a few gleaming gems to

IMM Cologne 2014 Stylepark Featured Editions Zoom Loris & Livia Wogg

When in our preview of IMM Cologne 2014 we referred to it as marking the opening of the European design

Thonet S 1200 IMM Cologne 2014

On Monday January 13th the European design circus rolls into the new year with the opening of IMM Cologne 2014

Jens Risom Lounge Chair Knoll

Those still looking for a New Year’s Resolution could do worse than to promise to try to maybe visit more

January 2013 was, as every January, dominated by IMM Cologne, and all that that entails. In particular IMM Cologne 2013

Design Advent Calendar Napoleon Thonet

One of the biggest challenges facing product designers in coming years will undoubtedly be the question of planned obsolescence. For

Kaisersaal Erfurt Thonet Reihenbestuhlung

In 1808 Napoleon had a problem. Or better put, in 1808 Napoleon had a whole continent of problems. Spain, Austria,

There are only very few furniture manufacturers who can claim to have been major players in two fundamental furniture design

Thonet S 160 Delphin Design

As many of you know we officially gave up reporting on private design awards a couple of years ago –

IMM Cologne 2013 Thonet S 1522

As we’ve said before, and will never tire of repeating, the Thonet back catalogue harbours an unparalleled treasure trove of

The solid wood bending process developed by Michael Thonet, and still practicsed today.

At the risk of upsetting furniture historians, wood is probably the longest serving material in furniture design. It is also

This past week it’s been hard to escape images of a bentwood bike purporting to have been created by a

Vienna Design Week 2012: Misfits Revisited - Create your own Thonet

Was it not Pulp who in 1995 prophesied that the world would soon be dominated and controlled by mis-shapes, mistakes

marcel breuer steel tube chairs

Until October 31st 2012 Bauhaus Dessau is showing the exhibition “Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture” Presenting a wide-ranging look

Marcel Breuer design and architecture Bauhaus dessau aula

Much as Gerrit Rietveld‘s career is publicly reduced down to the Rood-blauwe stoel, so too is it all to easy

Grassi Museum Leipzig The Essence of Things Design and the Art of Reduction panton chair

Until September 16th the Grassi Museum Leipzig is showing the Vitra Design Museum exhibition The Essence of Things: Design and

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln Thonet Ron Arad

In addition to showing “From Aalto to Zumthor Furniture by Architects” the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln is also showing

october 2011

We’ve long since accepted that there are more design weeks in a year than actual weeks. But we still can’t

Name: Christoffer Martens Born: Bremen, 1975 Alma mater: Product Design, University of Applied Science, Potsdam Internships: Alfredo Häberli, Zürich Products: