Name: Christoffer Martens Born: Bremen, 1975 Alma mater: Product Design, University of Applied Science, Potsdam Internships: Alfredo Häberli, Zürich Products:

While critics denounce such as an easy and obvious way to generate content – for us reviewing the past year

Or indeed any side table from Moormann. Based in a remote alpine valley hard on the Germany/Austria border it is

What would Christmas be without hats? Father Christmas, his elves, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dave Hill…. Even the shepherds and

Following the disappointment of Burg Giebichenstein it seemed that Urðr, Shai and Nortia had once again collectively abandoned us as

Name: Stephan Schulz Born: Schwerin, 1983 Alma mater: 2003-2009  Industrial Design, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle 2007-2008 Erasmus studies at the Design

You know how it is. You arrive early in the office….. Make a coffee….. Turn the computer on…….. Check out

We’re not in New York for ICFF this year. Last year was just toooooo traumatic… Which is a shame because

We don’t have to go to Milan to visit Moormann. We can just go to Aschau. But we do enjoy

For us Switzerland means three things. USM Haller Tax avoidance. Phil Collins. With the evening “Neue Stimmen from Switzerland”, organised 

It’s not easy being German. It really isn’t. Fortunately, it can be highly entertaining; as Philipp Kohlhöfer more than eloquently

Following our visit to the #VitraHaus this coming Friday, the (smow)wintertour 2010 then proceeds, by ski, along the alps to

Vitra Eames Elephants prepare to ambush nordic walking pensioners in Leipzig

The last couple of days have seen an endless stream of emails into the (smow)blog bunker asking if we are

In a previous life Patrick Frey created one of our favourite Moormann products: Kant. And we think he may have

According to the advertising information “The leaning lamp stresses the relationship between light and architecture by its generous gesture” That

It all started with “boutique” hotels. which, if one is brutally honest, were simply small hotels. Or guest houses as

As traditional as roasted chestnuts and corked sherry, gift recommendations are what make Christmas for us. This year, however, we

Students. We love em! But slightly better than students are poor graduates. For just as a man alone in a

Back in June we started a campaign to encourage election officials to improve the furnishing of their polling stations. We

In the next week or so we will be introducing here some of the new products from Thonet that are

There are very few major designer furniture producers who are prepared to risk truly inventive design. The exception, as in

Just in time for the official start of the balcony reading season in Northern Europe, (smow) is proud to announce

Our (smow)twitter recently brought our attention to an article at about what the author termed “Heirloom Design” In the

Lets get the tricky one out the way first. The Top 5 Tables from the smow design spring. In no

It must be a summer thing. Not only are our newspapers and magazines full of authors recommending their chums books,