(smow) in Milan 2010: Nils Holger Moormann

We don’t have to go to Milan to visit Moormann.

We can just go to Aschau.

But we do enjoy visiting Moormann in Milan, because they always make that little more effort.

After Moormann’s 2009 Saloni Milano stand with Liesmichl, Strammer Max, Steckling et al, 2010 is looking a little more reserved.

That said Else is already promising to be one of the highlights of Milan 2010 for us.

Else is not a Moormann employee, lovely as they all are, but a new shelving concept by Werner Gasser.

As you know the all time favourite (smow)blog furniture piece is Gangsta Lean by Matt Braun.

A truly marvellous product.

And Else by Werner Gasser is in many ways an extension of the Gangsta Lean concept to an individually configurable shelving system.

Gangsta Lean for those who prefer “Lean” to “Gangsta” – if you follow us.

And for those who don’t, a short video introduction.

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