Is Barack Obama a smow customer?

Barack Obama in a Skape by Antonio Citterio for Vitra

Barack Obama in a Skape by Antonio Citterio for Vitra

Probably not – or at least not yet. However, during the NATO summit on 4 and 5th of April 2009 Barack Obama and the other heads of states and military present were treated to some of the high points of the smow designer furniture collection.

During their working dinner in the Baden-Baden Kurhaus Obama and colleagues were supported in their discussions by Antonio Citterio’s new chair for Vitra – Skape.

Skape by Antonio Citterio's for Vitra

Skape by Antonio Citterio

With it’s high backrest in high-grade leather and generous upholstery Skape is a wonderfully modern interpretation of the classic executive chair. The shell formed by the armrests and back, meanwhile, not only give the chair an extraordinary degree of sitting comfort, but provide a bit of protection and security from the harsh realities of life.

Unlike Barack Obama the rest of us will have to wait a couple of weeks before we can buy a Skape

Thonet A 1700 table with S 78 Chairs

Thonet A 1700 table with S 78 Chairs

But not only Vitra helped ensure a smooth running of the NATO conference. The discussions in the Kehl Rathaus were made possible thanks to the A 1700 table system from Thonet. Created by Design Studio Lepper, Schmidt, Sommerlade, the A 1700 is a table system specially created for conference and meeting rooms. In the words of co-designer Uwe Sommerlade “With the table line A 1700 we sought a technically functional solution which makes a matching formal statement as well, a solution that is both modest and individual.” The system was awarded the prestigious iF design award in 1994 and is in use in many company HQs, town halls and parliaments. Although not part of the formal range, smow can supply customers with an A 1700 system. And a Skape.

Just so that you know Mr. President!

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