Orgatec 2010 Interview: Jasper Morrison

HAL by Jasper Morrison for Vitra, here with oak legs

HAL by Jasper Morrison for Vitra, here with oak legs

Amongst the plethora of new products launched by Vitra at Orgatec 2010 in Cologne was HAL, a new shell chair series by British designer Jasper Morrison.

Over a cup of tea we spoke to Jasper Morrison about HAL, Vitra – and what his own office looks like.

(smow)blog: Your presenting your new shell chair series HAL here at Orgatec, how long was the development phase?

Jasper Morrison: About three years, with a lot of effort going into the form of the shell and the performance of the shell. It’s a one piece plastic shell, which I think is very comfortable, but to get there we had to draw it, I don’t know, about 15 times and went through at least 10 prototypes.

(smow)blog: And what type of plastic is it?

Jasper Morrison: Its polypropylene. Its completely recyclable, which is a major step forward. Normal plastic shells have metal inserts which mean you can’t shred them. But HAL has got nylon inserts with the polypropylene shell around it so that it can shredded and recycled.

(smow)blog: Did Vitra come to you with the project or did you approach them?

Jasper Morrison: I think it was my proposal to them, but I can’t really remember.

(smow)blog: In general you’ve been working with Vitra for quite a few years now…

Jasper Morrison: A lot, 20 years or so…

(smow)blog: … when you think about all the projects you’ve completed with them is there any one you’d go back and change?

Jasper Morrison: Probably. I’d probably change most of them with hindsight. But some of them are alright… [grins]

(smow)blog: And since we’re at Orgatec an office furniture fair, how is Jasper Morrison’s own office furnished?

Jasper Morrison: Its got a very nice customised version of a system I previously designed for Vitra called ATM. The chairs are a pretty mixed bunch. I don’t really like office chairs….

(smow)blog: You’ve also never designed an office chair, or …?

Jasper Morrison: No, but we might do an office version of HAL, so a studio chair.

The HAL family by Jasper Morrison for Vitra

The HAL family by Jasper Morrison for Vitra

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