Orgatec 2010 Interview: Alberto Meda

Alberto Meda @ Orgatec 2010

Alberto Meda @ Orgatec 2010

Although he was not showing any new products at Orgatec 2010 Alberto Meda used the show to catch up a little on what other designers were up to.

And when we caught up with Alberto Meda on the Vitra stand we learned something wonderful: Alberto Meda uses the same office chair as the (smow)blog crew…

(smow)blog: Unless we’ve missed something you aren’t showing anything at Orgatec 2010?

Alberto Meda: No, but I am working on a new product with Vitra, but that is not yet ready and so I am just here to see what is happening. Every designer doesn’t know what the other designers are doing and so for me its’s nice to see some new projects.

(smow)blog: One of your better known products is the MedaPal chair, what was the background to the chair, where did the idea come from?

Alberto Meda: The idea was an evolution of the previous chair designs with a different kinematic system within the structure. To keep the price down we decided to go back to more traditional ways of constructing office chairs. Which means we have a mechanical platform onto which you can add the seat and other components. And so we made first the MedaPro and then the MedaPal. The MedaPal is more economic because the seat does not move, but you still have a lot of comfort and the lumber support is very good and I have been using this chair every day for two years…

(smow)blog: .. the MedaPal ?…

Alberto Meda: … yes…

(smow)blog: …we also have a MedaPal. And, are you happy with it?

MedaPal from Vitra: As used by Alberto Meda and smowblog

MedaPal by Alberto Meda for Vitra:

Alberto Meda: [laughs]… very happy. And when people come to me I let them sit in it and let them play with the mechanics and set the forces and the response is always positive.

(smow)blog: And any current projects you can tell us about?

Alberto Meda: I recently made an airport chair with Vitra which I am very happy with called MedaGate…

(smow)blog: … you like the prefix “Meda” …

Alberto Meda: [laughs] … no, no Vitra decide that, it is not my idea. MedaGate was launched at the Passenger Terminal Expo in March, and my next project is with Vitra, but I cannot say anything about that. But it will be a chair.

(smow)blog: Which we’re looking forward to already. Many thanks!

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