According to the 6th century CE antiquarian John the Lydian, “the oracle recommends drinking milk for the sake of good health all through the month of September”.1

And while milk may have advantages in terms of your physical health, for your spiritual and intellectual health, we’d recommend the following quintet of new architecture, design and art exhibitions opening in September 2021.

Whereby, exhibitions and milk aren’t mutually exclusive, you can partake of both if you so wish……

5 New Architecture & Design Exhibitions for September 2021

Normally October is all about design festivals, October 2015 wasn’t. On the one hand we weren’t at that many this

In our post from the Barbican Art Gallery exhibition “The World of Charles and Ray Eames” we noted the disappointing

Nadav Kander Chongqing IV (Sunday Picnic)

As many of you will be aware, among the myriad of things that regularly get our goat, architecture photography is

bauhaus art as life barbican art centre london

On May 3rd the exhibition “Bauhaus: Art as Life” opens at the Barbican Art Gallery London. Organised in co-operation with