Ellwanger & Geiger Private Bank, Stuttgart

Multifunctional space for a Stuttgart based private bank

Work area E&G Private Bank Stuttgart

Client: Ellwanger & Geiger Private Bank Stuttgart
Planning: smow Stuttgart
Year: 2018
Areas furnished: Space for customer events, internal and external presentations, business events and short internal meetings
Project specification: Four group offices were converted into a single open area
Pictures: Sarah Weiselowski

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smow project planning Ellwanger Geiger Stuttgart
Reception E&G Private Bank Stuttgart


The client requested a flexible, multifunctional space for customer events, presentations and internal meetings. The room was to be designed for up to 80 seats and additionally contain height-adjustable tables that could be combined to crate longer table settingss. The concept also focused on intelligent room division using partition elements and the integration of a short-range beamer in an existing piece of USM furniture.

Work area E&G Private Bank Stuttgart


As part of the project, four existing group offices were converted into an open area. Height-adjustable and linkable tables from FormvorRat and A-Chair stacking chairs from Brunner offer sufficient seating for internal and external events for up to 80 people. Thanks to intelligent curtain track guidance and semi-transparent Kvadrat curtains, the room can be divided, and can be flexibly changed, as required. A specially coated Vescom wallpaper was used as the projection wall, and which creates ideal conditions for the projector and at the same time serves as a magnetic wall for interactive meetings. In order to meaningfully employ an existing USM furniture unit, a USM printer container was converted into a mobile technology container with an integrated close-range projector. The installed wall with integrated technology comes from the Stuttgart carpenter Furch. There is also a quiet zone: cozy Alcove sofas from Vitra provide,hanks to their acoustic properties, for a pleasant retreat.

Work area E&G Private Bank Stuttgart

Project synopsis

The design for the multifunctional use of the premises was conceived by interior designer Jörg Heinrich from Designventures. As part of the concept, four offices and a corridor were converted into a large area that is suitable for small meetings with four to eight people, sales meetings for up to 20 people, and for customer events and presentations for up to 80 people. Thanks to an intelligent curtain system, the area can be divided into different sized room scenarios. The FormvorRat tables used can be combined into long tables at sitting and standing height and thus prove to be the perfect solution for maximum flexibility. In order to create a motivating and inviting ambience the office character was lifted by cozy curtains and the use of lounge furniture. A generous monitor with loudspeaker technology for events was also integrated into a wall.

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