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Eiermann Table
Eiermann 1 Table Frame
Table Top for Eiermann Table Frames
Eiermann 2 Table Frame
Children's Table Eiermann
Regal Eiermann
High Desk Milla
Eiermann 2 Dining Table
Height Extension (1 Set) for Eiermann Table Frames
Work Chair Seesaw
Children's Chair Turtle
Mounting Set for Eiermann Table Frames
Cable Trough for Eiermann Table Frames
Drawer for Eiermann Table
Rubber Stoppers (1 Set) for Eiermann Table Frames
Famille Garage Changing Table / Dresser (Big)
Famille Garage Table/Trestle
Mobile Storage Container Fixx
Bed Bag Alfred
Set of 3 plastic boxes for Famille Garage (big)
Shelf for Regal Eiermann
Chair TT54
Famille Garage Baby Cot
Levelling Feet for Eiermann Table Frames 1 + 2
Table Top Support for Eiermann 2 Table Frames
Ludwig cushion
Industrial Castors for Eiermann Table Frames (Set of 4)
DHS10 Hirche Living Room Shelf
Stockholm Bed
School Start Set: Children's Desk Eiermann + Chair + Container
Wall Shelf Atelier
Herbert Hirche Bar Trolley
Top plate for Famille Garage changing table/dresser
Famille Garage Bench
Stepstool Mono
CPU Holder for Eiermann Frames
Wall Clock Alu Alu
Eiermann 3 Trestle (Set of 2)
Wardrobe Bazar
Stool Little Tom
Eiermann Table - Limited Edition
Special Edition
Office Chair Mr. Square
Cover for Children's Chair Turtle
Set of 2 Fall Protection for Famille garage bed
Levelling Feet for Eiermann 3 Trestle
Rattan Stool  E 14
Chair Frog
Fastening lug for Eiermann 3 Trestle - Set of 4
Famille Garage Cot
Set of 3 Plastic Boxes for Famille Garage (Small)
Flip side table
Eiermann 1 Conference Table
Lönneberga with Drawer
Wardrobe / Kitchen Shelf Atelier
Rattan Chair E 10
Ludwig Table
Ludwig Bench
Prater Chair
Famille Garage Dresser (small)
Famille Garage Drawer
H57 Armchair
Pouf Fat Tom

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Richard Lampert

Open plan kitchen with Frog chairs by Herbert Hirche and Egon Eiermann's architect's table

The Corporation

Richard Lampert founded his eponymous company in Stuttgart in 1993 and is today one of the top manufacturers of the design furniture industry in Germany. His goal has always been to produce furniture and other everyday objects industrially, while not ignoring design and sustainability and to give each product its very own character. From design classics such as the Eiermann table by Egon Eiermann and designs by Herbert Hirche to contemporary furniture and children's furniture, Richard Lampert offers solutions for different needs and solutions influenced by his longevity of know-how and passion. For its classic-modern design furniture, the company has been awarded numerous prizes such as the German Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award.

Eiermann 1 table by Egon Eiermann

Eiermann 3 table from Richard Lampert in a home office setting

Eiermann tables - Design classics and variations

The best-known furniture from the portfolio of Richard Lampert is undoubtedly the Eiermann table, whereby the Eiermann 1 table frame, in which the cross struts were originally welded to the frame parts, is the only one for which the architect Egon Eiermann was personally responsible. After the original design had long been forgotten, Richard Lampert acquired the exclusive licenses of the Eiermann family in 1995. Since then, the Eiermann table, also known as the Architect's table, has been regularly developed and is now available in various variations of the original. Although Egon Eiermann was only interested in the characteristic frame, Richard Lampert offers numerous matching table tops as well as other accessories such as drawers, wheels or a table height extension to complete the Eiermann table. In addition to its function as a desk in the home office or atelier, the Eiermann design classic is also ideal as a piece of furniture in commercial projects.

Eiermann 3 garden table from Richard Lampert

The compact Eiermann 3 table trestle from Richard Lampert

Herbert Hirche bar trolley from Richard Lampert

Design for children

Since good, ergonomic design must not be neglected even in children's rooms, Richard Lampert offers a range of children's furniture, which grow with the child and thus ensure the right attitude when doing homework, painting or playing. From the changing table and sophisticated storage solutions to children's desks and swivel chairs, Richard Lampert offers appropriate solutions for all situations; for example, the Famille Garage Collection designed by Alexander Seifried is a particularly clever concept which creates a happy mood thanks to its colourful design, and which even makes cleaning up fun!

Children's furniture from Richard Lampert

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Richard Lampert.

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