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Executive chair - Not just for the boss

Executive chairs are often associated exclusively with senior management. Foolishly. It does not depend on who is sitting on the chair, but on what special qualities characterize it. For example, a successful combination of comfort, technology and aesthetics creates an office chair such as the Id Mesh from Vitra. Characteristic features of Vitra's ID Trim L, such as the coupling of the back and seat back by means of synchronous mechanism, adapt to the individual needs of the occupant, thus ensuring a pleasant working atmosphere. Comfortable working not only creates a concentrated way of working, but also protects your health thanks to ergonomic working conditions. However, convincing functionality is not everything, and, for example, Vitra's ES 104 Lobby Chair eclipses every conventional office chair and visually improves every dull conference room.

Vitra Meda Chair by Alberto Meda