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Designer bathrooms: Accessories & practical furniture

USM Haller Sideboard L, Customisable
String Pocket
Knax Lite
Componibili Round - 3 Compartments
Nelson Bench
Stool 60
Componibili Round - 2 Compartments
Elephant Stool
Componibili Metallic
Rotary Tray
Restore Tray
Stool E60
Nini Stool
Kink Vase
NH Parete
String Pocket Metal
Plant Box H 65
Rotate Container
Unu Mirror round
Restore Storage Basket
Nova Table Disinfectant Dispenser
Bacheca Shelf
Nova Floor Disinfection Dispenser
Restore Round Basket
Unu Mirror oval
Cutter Box
Towel Ladder
Cutter Bench
Plant Box round
Nimbus Mirror Round
Norm Floor Mirror
Cutter Stool
USM Inos Box
Componibili Bio round - 3 compartements
Unu Mirror rectangular
Componibili mat
Cutter Wardrobe
Adnet Circulaire Wall Mirror
Sol Side Table
Alma Bench
Haze Wall Cabinet
String Bathroom
Stool Hans
String System Shelf S
Wire Basket
Arise Stool
Unu Mirror with storage
LOU Stool, solid wood
Frame Drying Horse
Shell Pot
Korpus Shelf
Pedal Bin
Wishbone Coat Rack
Degree Side Table
Cut Mirror
LOU Stool, recycled plastic
Bench 153
Ripple Cabinet

Individual planning in our smow stores with the Montana Bathroom Series

Storage space, hooks, mirrors - Designer furniture and accessories for the bathroom

The bathroom is not only a functional space, but also a place of relaxation. In order to create a pleasant atmosphere and to remain true to one's personal style in the bathroom the careful selection of bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories is crucial. Below we introduced some examples of furniture designs and high-quality bathroom accessories that can be used to emotionally furnish and beautify any bathroom.

Open bathroom design with String Bathroom

Storage furniture:

Cabinets, shelves or cupboards not only offer storage space but are aesthetic elements in the bathroom; therefore it is always important to choose bathroom storage furniture that match your style and the materials in the room. The Kartell Componibili system, for example, are made of high-quality plastic, are perfectly suited for the bathroom and, in addition to practical compartments, offer ideal storage space for a wide variety of objects. The String Bathroom system, with practical features for optimal organization in the bathroom is also tailored precisely to the needs of the bathroom. Montana offers colourful Scandinavian storage space design with its Bathroom series - just ask if you'd like to know more, we're here to assist you!

Perfect hung: The Knax Lite rack from LoCa

Towel racks:

Towel rails and hook rails are important accessories for the bathroom, especially if you have to share the bathroom with a great many friends and family, and they also set decorative accents. Some bathroom hooks can even be installed without drilling; for example, every towel has its place on the simple hook rail Knax Lite by LoCa, while the towel holder Towel Ladder by Audo Copenhagen is perfectly suited for drying wet towels and is a decorative highlight in the bathroom furnishings. Or employ colourful cloak hooks to complete your bathroom.

For reflective moments: The Cut mirror from Schönbuch


A well-placed mirror is an indispensable element in any bathroom. Apart from their practical function mirrors can optically enlarge rooms and reflect light, which is particularly useful in small bathrooms. The Cut mirror from Schönbuch, for example, impresses with its minimalist, geometric shapes and a practical shelf made of oiled oak. Standing mirrors are very much in trendy mirrors with integrated shelves or mirror cabinets for extra storage space are particularly practical.

Creating the individual bathroom

A bathroom can be designed to blend seamlessly with your personal style and with the rest of the home and thereby help contribute to a cohesive aesthetic of the living space. Some tips and tricks:

Minimalist style

A minimalist design style in the bathroom is ideal when the rest of the home has a modern and clean look. Clear lines, neutral colours and reduced decoration create a calm and timeless ambience.

Minimalist style in the bathroom, perfect with the Schönbuch Nini stool

Practical and minimial: Audo Copenhagen Towel Ladder

Minimalist chic with the Unu mirror by Frost

Classic Style

A classic style in the bathroom gives the room an elegant and timeless atmosphere. Ornaments, traditional shapes and noble materials such as marble or polished wood create a sophisticated ambience. This style goes well with homes with a traditional or elegant design concept.

Noble: Marble combined with the high-gloss materials from Frost Denmark

Timelessly classic: USM Haller in a wood-panelled bathroom

Classic bathroom with the Montana Bathroom series

Boho chic style

Boho chic is a style of fashion and interior design inspired by the hippie movement and bohemianism of the 1960s. In the bathroom, the boho-chic style can give the room a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Organic forms, natural materials such as bamboo or wood, patterned tiles and colourful textiles create an inviting and casual look. This style works well in an apartment with a relaxed and creative overall style.

Haze Wall Cabinet and Plant Box from Ferm Living

Boho bathroom with textiles, plants and a Vitra Akari lamp

The bioplastic Componibili Bio from Kartell

Design series for a holistic bathroom

A design line for bathroom furnishing offers consistency, aesthetic balance and a stylish appearance. By choosing a specific design, colour scheme or material, a harmonious and coordinated overall picture is created. Overall, a design line creates an appealing and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom.

The Danish manufacturer Frost, for example, has various collections of classic accessories for bathroom design in its portfolio with Quadra, Care or Nova, the latter made of polished or brushed stainless steel which with their functional, simple design, ensure uniform, elegant bathroom furnishings with a special touch.

Frost Denmark Unu mirror

Designer furniture for the bathroom and home: Bathroom furniture surface consideration

When choosing the finish for bathroom furniture, it is important to consider the specific needs of the bathroom, especially in terms of humidity and cleaning. It is also advisable to follow the manufacturer's care instructions to ensure the longevity and beauty of the furniture. We have collected some examples of finishes that are suitable for bathrooms.

Montana Bathroom series

Lacquered surfaces: Lacquered surfaces give bathroom furniture a smooth, contemporary, look and allow a lot of scope for the colour scheme of your bathroom. Painted surfaces are also usually easy to clean, but require regular maintenance to prevent scratches and scuffs.

High Gloss Finishes: High gloss finishes are particularly popular in modern bathrooms. They give the furniture an elegant and luxurious look; however, the smooth and reflective high-gloss surfaces require regular cleaning to remove fingerprints and water stains. Metal furniture or parts should of course be rust-free or well protected by a possible powder coating.

Wooden surfaces: Wooden surfaces bring warmth and naturalness into the bathroom. They are available in different types of wood and surface treatments, such as lacquered, oiled or waxed, but often require special care to protect them from moisture. Designer furniture made of teak is ideal for the bathroom.

Glass surfaces: Glass surfaces also give bathroom furniture an elegant and modern appearance. They can be transparent or satin to ensure some privacy. Glass surfaces are easy to clean, but fingerprints and water stains are usually quickly visible.