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New Work - Which desk best suits the new work concept?

The home as the new office - the office in the living area

Globalization and digitization have turned the world of work upside down in recent decades. In the office or home office and also at a more basic level on the desk, completely new demands are being made. So what is the best way to optimize work processes and the work environment? The term New Work provides answers.

Modern workplaces at Markenrat Leipzig, a planning project by smow

New Work: That is what matters

For an optimal work environment, New Work aspects such as flat hierarchies, flexibility, changeable teams, independence and the development of employees are clearly in the foreground. If the CEO sees himself as a team player, the days of the remote executive office with a massive desk are also numbered. Instead, communication stands in the foreground: objectives are formulated, tasks are delegated, discussed and solved in teamwork and personal responsibility. In addition to space to accommodate technology and display options, a desk must therefore have sufficient free space for planning, trying out and discussing.

If desks are used for small meetings today, or in combination with other desks as team workstations, they should be light, multifunctional and robust. Experts in the field of office furniture such as Vitra or USM Haller have developed desks that adapt to these requirements down to the last detail.

USM Haller has developed desks that adapt to (home) office needs down to the smallest detail

Desks as team workstations for Herren der Schöpfung, Frankfurt, a planning project by smow

Hardly any work here: elegantly designed desk solution S 285 from Thonet

Desk sharing

Nowadays employees are often on the go or only spend a certain part of their working time in the office. Workstations can therefore also be used flexibly by several people. For desk sharing, desks should be height-adjustable and combined with ergonomic office chairs that can be individually adjusted. Lockable roll containers and filing cabinets also offer storage space for multiple employees.

Perfect for desk sharing, the height-adjustable Montana HiLow 2

Healthy work in the home office with Bauhaus classics

Whether in an agency room or in the work area at home - the Eiermann table is a classic

Well suited for the home office: The PS07 secretary from Müller Möbelfabrikation

Home office trending topic - workplaces and desks since the pandemic

The topic of home office has also gained in importance in the context of New Work, and since the pandemic no company has been able to avoid it. Here, as in modern office environments, flexible and healthy work must in the foreground. A desk should therefore be functional and ergonomic and adapt to the spatial conditions. As private life and working hours coincide in the home office, desks have to meet individual tastes and furnishing styles. For the small home office, for example, manufacturers such as Müller Small Living offer particularly space-saving desk solutions. Bauhaus lovers are directed towards Thonet desk and matching tubular steel cantilever chairs. Whether minimalist, luxurious or homely, create your very own personal home office workplace with a high-quality designer desk, an ergonomic office swivel chair and a matching desk lamp from manufacturers as diverse as Vitra, Richard Lampert or Artemide.

Ergonomic office chair from Vitra

The unusual saddle seat in combination with the back cross enables a variety of sitting positions

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