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Eiermann Table
USM Haller Table
Eiermann 2 Table Frame
Table Top for Eiermann Table Frames
Eiermann 1 Table Frame
S 285/1 - S 285/2
Eiermann 3 Trestle (Set of 2)
USM Haller Table Plus
HiLow 2
S 285
Eiermann 1 Conference Table
S 285/0
Home Desk
USM Haller Desktop on Castors Type 2
On A String Table
USM Haller Desktop on Castors Type 1
Oblique Desk K2D
Ongo Spark
S 1200
Flatmate secretary LED
HiLow 3
Workout wall secretary
Georg Wall Table
70/70 Table
Butch - The Wild Bunch
Copenhague Desk CPH90
Base Table
Rail Desk
Kant Desk
Pyramid Table 01
Linear Wood Table
Mies Dining Table
Compas Direction
PS04/PS05 Secretary
Maki DTable Exhibition Piece
Loop Desk
USM Haller Table Advanced
Spanoto Black
M1 Table

The optimal desk for the home office

Hay Copenhague Desk CPH 90

What are your requirements for a desk? Do you need a lot of space to work or a manageable workstation, do you work more concentrated in a homely atmosphere or do minimalism and clear lines support your productivity? Whether occasional home office or permanent activity from home, at smow you will find a design desk that suits you, your taste, your space and may possibly accompany you for a lifetime. Large desks, such as the functional USM Haller desks or the popular Eiermann desk, are perfectly adapted to contemporary desk work: offering as they do enough space for monitors, practical additional functions and accessories and both are available in a wide selection of table top finishes. The homely aspects of a study are emphasised by secretaries and desks made of wood, such as the innovative Kant desk from Nils Holger Moormann. For those who have very little space in the study or who want to set up a space-saving work corner in the kitchen or living room, there are particularly small desks with fold-out work surfaces. The Flatmate secretary from Müller Small Living is specially designed for such room situations.

Thonet S 1200 secretary

Klopstock desk from Nils Holger Moormann

Thonet S 285

Vitra EM Table by Jean Prouvé

Eiermann 3 table from Richard Lampert

Montana HiLow 2 desk

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...Schulze telling, and epoch conform, refers to Modern Efficiency Desks as "sanitary" desks in contrast to the older unsanitary type... The reduced design also allowed Modern Efficiency Desks to be constructed from metal, a not unimportant consideration in an age when company's records and files were all stored on paper and fire was ever present reality...

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