smow USM Configurator

Configure your own USM unit to suit your personal needs and requirements.

Combine USM elements to suit your needs and in your choice from 14 USM colours.

A choice of element depths and heights available in addition to a range of accessories.

smow USM Configurator - Overview
smow USM Configurator - With size calculation
smow USM Configurator - Accessories and settings for a USM shelf

Configurations can be saved for later editing.
(no registration required)

View your USM unit in 3D.

Order your USM unit directly through the configurator. Free shipping (for delivery within Germany) at smow.

If you have questions regarding the configurator, please contact our USM customer service: +49 341 2222 88 22.

Inspiration to get you started

Sideboard XL, golden yellow<br>

Sideboard XL, golden yellow
Open in configurator

Sideboard bespoke configuration, gentian blue<br>

Sideboard bespoke configuration, gentian blue
Open in configurator

Highboard XL, green<br>

Highboard XL, green
Open in configurator

Highboard L, mid gray<br>

Highboard L, mid gray
Open in configurator

Highboard L, anthracite<br>

Highboard L, anthracite
Open in configurator

Cabinet XL, graphite black<br>

Cabinet XL, graphite black
Open in configurator

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