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Lounge Chair & Ottoman
USM Haller Sideboard L, Customisable
Series 7 Chair 3107
FNP Individual
Series 7 Chair 3107 New Colours
PLAYround Wood
Ayno L Floor Lamp
Componibili Bio round - 3 compartements
Hem Rug
Restore Storage Basket
Desert Lounge Chair
Coat Frame
Ayno Table Lamp
N02 Chair
CH24 Wishbone Chair Soft Special Edition
Special Edition
CH445 Wing Chair
Special Edition
Bay Lounge Chair
Locker Box
S6 Sideboard
Grand Prix 3130 New Colours
Series 7 Armchair 3207 Chair New Colours
Shibui Pendant
CH24 Wishbone Chair Birthday Edition
Special Edition
Shibui Wall Lamp
Arbour Sofa
Shibui Floor Lamp
Caleo Original Pendant
Toolbox, Grey RE
Tip Ton, Dark grey RE

Sustainable design

Nils Holger Moormann relies on regional suppliers and optimised transport

Traditional Craft - Made in Germany

There are numerous companies in the design furniture industry who are au fait with the latest environmental challenges and set a good example in terms of sustainability. Autodidact Nils Holger Moormann is regarded as a sympathetic lateral thinker among wood furniture manufacturers and has shaken up the furniture industry with his philosophies: based in Chiemgau the eponymous manufacturer uses only natural materials and has all furniture produced within a 40 km radius of the company headquarters, which means short journeys and economic strengthening of the region. When it comes to sustainability, it is also worth looking to Scandinavia, for all to Aarhus. Here is the headquarters of the manufacturer Andersen, who produces all furniture in Denmark, the majority in the in-house factory. Excess wood is used to heat the buildings, cardboard and plastic are recycled. One of Andersens' other important approaches is to create designer furniture that can be packed flat and therefore requires little packaging material. Bauhaus furniture manufacturer Tecta also values ​​genuine craftsmanship, has its design classics produced in company-owned workshops in Lauenförde, Lower Saxony and undertakes close cooperation with reliable regional and national partners. The polypropylene wicker material for the chair B25 is produced exclusively in the Sauerland, the steel pipe comes from the Rhineland and is bent, ground and hand polished in Upper Franconia. Thus, the German manufacturer can also guarantee the high-quality wickerwork of Bauhaus classics by Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich with a double weave.

All Tecta design furniture is made in Germany

Thonet design classic 214

Restore basket by Muuto made of recycled material

Upcycling and renewable resources

The Danish manufacturer Muuto is bequeathing Scandinavian design a fresh new perspective, and placing sustainability at the heart of its approach: that the renowned design company cultivates a responsible use of resources is demonstrated by the Restore Baskets. The popular storage basket is made of polymer felt, some of which is made from recycled PET bottles. In the manufacturing process, the bottles are first granulated, heated and dyed and then processed into fibre mats, which are easily malleable by heat and yet stable, and thus meet the high demands of Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen on his home accessory. Thanks to their material properties, shapes, sizes and colours, the Restore Baskets prove to be intelligent helpers and bring a breath of fresh air into your living space. Founded in Copenhagen in 2011, We Do Wood believes that innovative design and sustainability should be inextricably linked and promotes respect for natural resources: for example, the Scandinavian manufacturer uses Moso bamboo exclusively for its furniture and home accessories, a raw material that grows very quickly compared to other woods and thus is particularly sustainable. The material is sourced exclusively from certified Chinese plantations that cultivate without chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

Andersen's Scandinavian design furniture is produced in Denmark

We Do Wood furniture is made from sustainable Moso bamboo

Robust and durable: USM design classics

Design classics for a lifetime

Whoever invests in an original design classic from USM Haller, Vitra or Thonet, has something for life. The furniture is designed to last for decades and be inherited from generation to generation. Classicon offers a 20-year guarantee on Eileen Gray designs, and Vitra has a 30-year guarantee on aluminium parts for the legendary Eames Aluminium Chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. Instead of buying a new product, should a piece become damaged, high-quality design furniture can be repaired in the spirit of sustainability. And thanks to their position in design history, they remain stable in value: the leather may become softer and some metal develop a charming patina, but classics age in dignity and delight every collector - real collector's items that tell their own stories.

Tecta values traditional craftsmanship

Traditional handwork at Thonet in Frankenberg

Dedicated craft production at Thonet

Thonets famous Viennese wicker weave in production

The revolutionary bentwood process that made Thonet famous