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Carl Hansen & Søn

MG501 Cuba Chair

by Morten Gottler, 1997 — from 912,00 €
Carl Hansen & Søn MG501 Cuba Chair

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MG501 Cuba Chair

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The folding chair MG501 Cuba Chair from Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn is, next to its minimalist design and its practical, space-saving folding function, a high quality construction featuring a solid oak frame and stable cotton belts or natural paper yarn which form the seat and backrest.


Product type Lounge chair
Colours Wood



Material Frame: soaped, oiled or lacquered solid oak
Seat and backrest: cotton strapping (100 % cotton) or natural paper yarn
Function & properties Folding
Care Soaped wood:
In order to maintain the best possible quality, you should regularly wash soap treated furniture with soap and water. For daily maintenance, the use of a soft, moist wrung cloth with clean water is recommended. Please avoid using detergents or chemicals.

Oiled wood:
The ensure the maintenance of your furniture in the best possible quality oiling every six months is recommended. For daily maintenance, the use of a soft, moist wrung cloth with clean water is recommended. Please avoid using detergents or chemicals.

Lacquered wood:
For daily maintenance, the use of a soft, moist wrung cloth with clean water is recommended. Please avoid using detergents or chemicals. Further treatment is not necessary for lacquered furniture, because the wood surface is completely sealed by the paint.

It is always beneficial, to vacuum upholstered furniture as often as possible to remove dirt and dust. Always use the soft brush attachment.

Paper yarn:
To freshen up the seat, wipe it with a well-wrung cloth that you have previously dipped in a neutral soapy water without colouring. If colouring food gets onto the seat, it is best to dab it gently with a soft, well-wrung cloth immediately, not rubbing it into the paper yarn. Do not use detergent on the wickerwork! You can use seat cushions to avoid discolouration. The natural material is designed to acquire a pretty patina over time. Paper cord is a naturally cool, comfortable and resistant material. It lasts for many years and can be renewed or repaired by a basket weaver if necessary.

The Carl Hansen & Søn Wood Care Set is available separately:

Sustainability In addition to principally using sustainably forested, Danish, wood in their furniture, Carl Hansen source all other materials, including, for example, strapping, oils and soaps, according to strict ecological criteria. All materials used are of biological origin, and as such also biodegradable. In all manufacturing processes the company strive to achieve lowest possible energy consumption. But, and perhaps most importantly, due to the high quality and timeless design of the furniture, it need never be replaced or otherwise disposed off.
Warranty 24 months
Accessories Care Kit Wood
Product datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,2 MB).

Product presentation

Popular versions

MG501 Cuba Chair, Oiled oak, Black belts
MG501 Cuba Chair, Black lacquered oak, Black belts
MG501 Cuba Chair, Oiled oak, Nature belts
MG501 Cuba Chair, Soaped oak, Nature belts
MG501 Cuba Chair, Oiled oak, Natural paper yarn
MG501 Cuba Chair, Soaped oak, Black belts
MG501 Cuba Chair, Soaped oak, Natural paper yarn

Design Story

The Cuba Chair by Carl Hansen can be folded and stowed to save space.


The MG501 Cuba Chair is produced in Aarup, Denmark, where Carl Hansen & Son has owned a modern production facility since 2003. In a complex manufacturing process the components for the Carl Hansen MG501 are crafted from solid oak wood, hand sanded, assembled and connected via and with the stable cotton strapping which serves as the seat and backrest of the Cuba chair. As a traditional carpenter business Carl Hansen & Son specialise in the processing of wood, and today effortlessly combine traditional craft techniques with modern production technologies. The methods of production, logistics and distribution are continuously tested for their sustainability and resource consumption and optimised where and when necessary. Carl Hansen place especial importance on the use of high quality and environmentally responsible materials. To this end, a large proportion of the oak, beech and ash wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Denmark. Other woods, such as, for example, walnut or cherry wood are sourced from sustainably managed forests either in Europe or North America.

Morten Gottler: designer of the Cuba Chair


Carl Hansen & Son, manufacturer of the Cuba chair MG501, is a designer furniture manufacturer with a century long tradition. Founded in 1908 as a small carpentry firm, the company initially produced exclusive, custom-made, domestic furniture; however, with the advent of mass production, Carl Hansen & Son began with the creation of small series of the most popular pieces. With success, and the company were very quickly able to significantly increase production. The combination of machine production with traditional carpentry and traditional Danish design further ensured the high quality of the company's furniture: and it is this combination which is responsible for the contemporary success of the Danish company.

The Design

The furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son is principally known for Danish design classics such as the CH07. However, contemporary designs also have a place in the Carl Hansen & Son portfolio; newer designs such as the MG501 Cuba chair by Morten Gottler. The work of the 1944-born designer is deeply rooted in the traditions Scandinavian modernist design and is recognised for its unique understanding of the wood material. The Carl Hansen MG501 is made from solid oak and is characterized by a clear, minimalist, functional design - the central components of postwar modernist design. In its elegant simplicity, the Carl Hansen Cuba chair is a flexible folding chair which can be stowed when not required and thus is perfect for spontaneous seating in any number of rooms and spaces.

The competent manufacturing of high quality material transforms a simple construction into a durable designer chair.


Morten Gottler, designer of the Carl Hansen MG501 chair, was born in 1944 in Denmark and thus began his training under the influence of modernism in Scandinavia. Originally trained as a shipping architect Morten Gottler taught himself design and has subsequently developed a wide variety of product designs - from packaging to toys to lamps and furniture. In 1975, Gottler opened his own studio and in 1981 became a member of the Danish Designers, an association of designers from various sectors in Copenhagen. From the mid-eighties Gottler shifted his principle focus increasingly to furniture design. His preferred material is wood, a material to which he has remained faithful. His 1997 MG501 chair for Carl Hansen is based on an oak structure and is one of Morten Gottler's most famous works.

With the Cuba Chair, the traditional company Carl Hansen prove that they can also be successful with contemporary designs.

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