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Tolomeo Tavolo
Nessino Black Edition
Special Edition
Tolomeo Mega Terra
Tolomeo Tavolo Micro
Tolomeo Lettura
Pirce Mini Soffitto
Tolomeo Basculante Lettura
Tolomeo Lettura LED
Tolomeo Pinza
Tolomeo Mega Terra LED
Choose Tavolo
NH Parete
Talo Parete LED
Tolomeo Faretto
Pirce Sospensione
La Petite
Demetra Faretto LED
Tolomeo Tavolo Micro LED
Dioscuri Tavolo
Tizio Micro
Melampo Notte
Demetra Tavolo LED
Eclisse Special Edition
Special Edition
Tizio 50
Come Together
Yanzi Tavolo
Stellar Nebula
Demetra Lettura LED
Pirce Mini Sospensione
Gople Sospensione Mini
NH S1 / S2 / S3
Gople Sospensione
Vine Light Tavolo
Demetra Mat Professional Tavolo
Demetra Micro Tavolo LED
Yanzi Terra
Ripple Sospensione
Gople Tavolo Mini
Castore Tavolo
NH Sospensione
Gople Tavolo
Microsurf LED
Yanzi Sospensione

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Artemide desk lamp Tolomeo Tavolo

Originating from the design metropolis Milan, the architecturally graceful Artemide designer lamps first appeared in 1960 an since gone on to worldwide popularity and success. A fact no doubt partly due to the fact that the company has long set a focus on cooperation with talented international designers, such as, amongst others, Richard Sapper or Michele De Lucchi, and by the fact the resulting designs emit a timeless elegance and geometric shapes. In addition to the highest aesthetic standards, with its "Human Light" concept Artemide also pursues a design philosophy that puts human needs at the centre of designs. Operation, luminosity and application follow as personalized strategies. Moreover Artemide tries to ensure that all its products - from the production to use - follow principles of ecological sustainability and minimal environmental impact. Among the most famous Artemide designer lamps is arguably the Tolomeo Tavolo by De Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina, which is available as a floor, desk, and wall lamp, and as the Tolomeo Micro, a lamp which has the same proportions, but measures only half the size and which is available in a wide colour spectrum.

Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo

Artemide floor lamp Mega Terra

Artemide lamp Tolomeo Lettura

Artemide - The human light

Mesmeri lamp from Artemide - design for the future, also in terms of sustainability

Artemide pursues a future orientated perspective committed to a sense of responsibility. The company's strategic sustainability not only relates to its production and technological competence, but also combines a humanistic and ethical approach; not only are products and the Artemide production process, ecologically sustainable - the company also clearly focuses on social issues and has advanced its ISO certifications in a wide variety of areas, such as environmental management, quality management and health and safety at work.

Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro and other Artemide lamps

The Tolomeo lamp has, in various designs, been a firm favourite since 1987 and is available with and without LED

With the company's entry into the Global Pact of Nations, Artemide confirmed its goal of promoting a sustainable development and thus exerting a positive influence on the economy, people, their health and the climate. The reduction in total energy consumption and the use of energy from certified, renewable sources are just two of the many points contained therein.

The company's sustainability strategy is also reflected in its lighting design, in which Artemide attaches great importance to the materials used, energy consumption and health aspects. The aim of Artemide is to constantly enrich people's quality of life with lighting designs and to support the human-environment relationship. Therefore, all processes and materials with a low environmental impact are used.

The life cycle assessment confirms this and shows that the Tolomeo lamp met the design requirements that are standard today as early as 1987. At Artemide, the use and energy consumption of a lamp underscore how efficient the product is and how its energy balance is actively designed.

"Light is a unique energy. Light makes the world visible and supports the perception of spaces, interacts with life, with psychological and physiological well-being, communicates with the environment through intelligence, can transmit data and information. Through the results of Artemide's research, light can now also sanitize spaces and bring people back to experience them together."

Efficient and ecologically valuable: the lamp Castore Tavolo

Nomen est omen, it couldn`t be any different with the Artemide Come Together Light

The Dioscuri Tavolo fit into heir environment like siblings

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official Artemide trading partner.

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The Historia Supellexalis: "I" for Italy

...Individuals such as the Torino trio Gatti, Paolini & Teodoro who sought to transform the sitting experience through contemporary applications of traditional methods for contemporary needs, and which led to the development of a chair for the Zanotta of Nova Milanese that is and was but a sack, but is also an awful lot more; individuals such as the provocateur and fomentor Sottsass who having uncovered the treasures of Memphis persuaded the ancient phaesporia Artemide to assist him with their distribution, a distribution whose retelling is and was infinitely more successful and profitable than the actual distribution...

The Historia Supellexalis: "A" for Artemide

...Artemide A Phaesporia; A bringer of light... Arising in Milan at a time of great darkness in the Kingdom of Lombardy, Artemide's original form, its Alfa form, was bequeathed to it by a man recorded as Sergio Mazza, and it was this Mazza, together with a young compagno bearing the name Ernesto Gismondi, who charged Artemide with the spreading of that Alfa light throughout the still dark domestic, commercial and civic spaces of the known worlds...

smow blog Design Calendar: September 18th 1981- Inaugural Memphis Exhibition, Milan

...An important partner in the Memphis business was Milan based lighting producer Artemide... Shortly after the opening of the first exhibition Sottsass approached Artemide co-founder and managing director Ernesto Gismondi to request a cooperation, Gismondi readily agreed, even if from a business perspective it may have been wiser not to, as, according to Gismondi, "for several years we [Memphis] had deficits that needed to be covered by Artemide"...

Passagen Cologne 2015: A&W Designer of the Year 2015 - Michele De Lucchi. The Exhibition.

..." To this end the exhibition in Cologne features a mix of recent architecture projects such as the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi, Georgia, the St James Chapel in Auerberg, Bavaria, the Il Tronco office building in Pforzheim, Germany or the so-called Pavilion Zero currently under construction in Milan for the forthcoming Expo 2015, and design projects including the Bisonte stool for De Lucchi's own Produzione Privata brand and the Tolomeo Tavolo lamp for Artemide...

New by smow: Rattan furniture from Lampert and lamps from Artemide

...Artemide have a whole department who do nothing more than think up names for their lamps... com we have stocked Artemide since day one, and our range recently increased through the inclusion of "Dioscuri Tavolo" ...

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