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WG 24
WA 24
WG 25 GL
Bauhaus Pendant Lamp DMB26
LUM Pendant Lamp
Pendant Lamp HL 99
WA 23 SW
Replacement Shade for GL/WA Lamps
WG24 100 Years of Bauhaus Anniversary Edition

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The famous Bauhaus lamp WG 24 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld


During one of his regular visits to Wilhelm Wagenfeld's studio, the art collector and later founder of Tecnolumen, Walter Schnepel, spotted a WG 24 lamp, a work which had failed to find a manufacturer. Intrigued, Schnepel produced a run of 250 pieces, which didn't sell out. Or at least not initially. Only after being placed in the art magazine Art and the magazine Schöner Wohnen could the Wagenfeld lamp be successfully marketed and sold out within a few weeks. Following his successful idea, Walter Schnepel founded the company Tecnolumen in 1980, marking the start of mass production of the lamp, which is part of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's permanent collection. To date, the Bremen-based company is one of the leading manufacturers of Bauhaus lamps and counts amongst others design classics by Marianne Brandt, Gyula Pap and Mart Stam, but also contemporary designs such as the Booklight by Vincenz Warnke in its portfolio.

WA 23 SW

WA 24

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld was born in 1900 in Bremen, completed an apprenticeship at the Bremen silverware factory Koch & Bergfeld in the draughting department, while at the same time attending the Kunstgewerbeschule in Bremen. After subsequently completing an apprenticeship as a silversmith Wagenfeld continued his studies at the Staatliches Bauhaus Weimar in 1923. At that time the famous Wilhelm Wagenfeld lamp, which is today one of the best-known Bauhaus design classics, was created as part of a task set by László Moholy-Nagy. After the Bauhaus Weimar was dissolved on 1 April 1925, Wagenfeld joined the Deutsche Werkbund and later became head of the metal workshop at the Staatliche Hochschule für Handwerk und Baukunst Weimar. Although today it is mainly associated with the famous Bauhaus lamp, Wilhelm Wagenfeld also designed numerous glass and metal goods for companies such as WMF, Rosenthal-Porzellan AG, Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen. and Pelikan.

Designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld

WG 25

WG 25

The Tecnolumen WG 25 GL from Wagenfeld

The original of Tecnolumen

Since the Wagenfeld WG 24 is a product subject to a high level of product piracy, Tecnolumen launched the "No Fake" campaign. Plagiarisms of the Bauhaus lamp by Wagenfeld could be exchanged for an original for free, which, as expected, generated a great attention and made the value of the original very clear. The high level of input made it clear that counterfeiting poses a threat to both licensed manufacturers and suppliers, often small traditional crafts businesses. With the publicity action, Tecnolumen brought the meaning and advantages of an original design classic back into focus.

Tecnolumen Magazin (ca. 8,0 MB)

Wagenfeld WG 24 lamp

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Tecnolumen.

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