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Müller Small Living

Müller Small Living Stacking Bed by Rolf Heide

Family company from Friesland

The origins of the company Müller Möbelwerkstätten go back to 1869 when Gerhard Wilhelm Oetken started his cabinet making workshop; and since when the family business has been handed on from generation to generation, and is currently managed by Jochen Müller. In 1969 Müller Möbelwerkstätten began with the serial production of furniture and made their premier at the Cologne international furniture fair in 1971, the subsequent commercial success helping Müller Möbelwerkstätten to steady expansion and an associated doubling of the production area by 1994. The 150-year history of the company has always focused on enthusiasm for handicrafts and traditional manufacturing processes: to this day, the family-owned company manufactures all of the furniture in-house in its own factory in Bockhorn near Wilhelmshaven. 2018 saw a brand relaunch of the traditional company, which from then on operated under the name Müller. Due to the stronger focus on furniture for small apartments and so-called micro-apartments, the brand was renamed Müller Small Living shortly afterwards.

Plane Rollcontainer von Müller Small Living

Space-saving secretary Flatframe

Stacking bed, Flai and co.: the classics

The biggest celebrity, and the company's flagship product, is the Stacking Bed by Rolf Heide, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. The skilled carpenter and interior designer realised the stackable plywood bed in the mid-1960s, and a work that is now a design classic which has received numerous awards and design prizes including the Interior Innovation Award. With logical functionality, a clear design language and no fashionable short life, Rolf Heide's Stacking Bed fully represents the design understanding of the North German furniture manufacturer. In addition to the bed system, which is available in various versions, for example as a stacking bed for children, the portfolio of Müller Small Living contains many other innovative design furniture such as the Flai collection by the design office Kaschkasch or the Plane series by Felix Stark.

Expandable shoe rack Shustack from Müller Small Living

Flatmate secretary from Müller Small Living

Micro-apartments and project planning for small spaces

In times of housing shortages and rising property prices, Müller Möbelwerkstätten's Müller Small Living brand has set itself the goal of developing sensible furnishing solutions for micro-apartments. The focus of the concept is on multifunctional furniture made of high-quality materials that are as space-saving as possible, but still convey cosiness and a homely character. Stackable beds such as the Stacking Bed, folding secretaries, beds with a bed box, wall shelves and wall cupboards offer storage space and enable optimal use of the available space. In addition to the furnishing of small private apartments, Müller Small Living furniture is also ideal for furnishing hotel rooms, student dormitories and micro-apartments as well as hospitals and other public places where many people interact in a small space. Our planning department can offer detailed advice on project planning with Müller Small Living, and will be happy to assist you from conception to implementation.

Local production, photovoltaics & CO₂ reduction and Müller Small Living

Müller Small Living's furniture has been manufactured in-house at the company's headquarters in Bockhorn for over 150 years, thereby enabling the furniture manufacturer to sustainably support the local economy and thus minimize energy consumption. In order to further improve the ecological footprint, Müller Small Living modernised the company's headquarters in terms of energy efficiency through the installation of a 1,000 square meter photovoltaic system that saves 80 tons of CO₂ emissions per year. In addition, the car fleet has been completely converted to e-mobility in recent years.

Müller Small Living primarily uses FSC-certified wood from suppliers who preferably source their wood from the region. The birch veneer plywood comes from rapidly growing stocks in Finland. The use of wood residues for heating and a heat recovery system also contribute to CO₂ reduction. By reducing consumables, recycling, avoiding plastics and intelligent packaging solutions, additional energy and resources are saved.

The company values an open working atmosphere, promotes equality and employs employees with disabilities. Müller Small Living regularly trains young people and cooperates with young designers on furniture development. With a nesting box initiative and the support of the “Freunde des Neuenburger Holz e.V.” association. The company is actively committed to environmental protection and the preservation of the “Neuenburg primeval forest” near the company headquarters.

Catalogue Müller Small Living

Lookbook Müller Small Living

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