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Röwa beds: consultations and sales

Plan and buy designer beds from Röwa

Röwa was originally founded in Stuttgart in 1914 by the firm's namegivers Karl Rössle and Paul Wanner. While in the early years production was focused on mattresses, today Röwa's produces not only mattresses and covers, but also slatted frames and bed frames, i.e. everything you need for a bed, everything you need for a good night's sleep, are manufactured by Röwa. Since 1996, the entire production has been carried out exclusively at the company location in Mössingen on the edge of the Schwarzwald, a site which also includes an in-house sawmill.

Individually adaptable bed systems and bed designs

Are you looking for a bed that perfectly suits you and your sleeping habits? Röwa beds are tailor-made: colours, materials and dimensions can be configured individually. The bed systems, which are perfectly tailored to the Röwa beds and which consist of a slatted frame and mattress, can also be individually adapted to the size, physique and sleeping habits.

Röwa produce not only bed frames but also mattresses, covers, and slatted frames, i.e. everything you need for a bed, a unique constellation. And one which means that all components of a bed can be perfectly coordinated, thus not only ensuring the high quality of the Röwa beds, but also enormously simplifies the purchase of your bed.

Thanks to their modular construction and reduced, elegant design, the Röwa Unica, Someo or Scalea beds made of high-quality wood offer a great deal of creative freedom in terms of size, covering and headboard. Colours, materials and dimensions can be configured individually. Some models also have additional storage space. With good air circulation for a pleasant sleeping climate and comfortable headboards, Röwa beds effortlessly fulfil the important features of a high-quality designer bed.

A Someo bed with Boxframe® technology: A construction principle with high stability achieved with a minimum of material and weight (© Röwa)


The Röwa Unica bed is equipped with innovative Boxframe® technology: the slatted frame is integrated and can be adjusted to any lying position either manually or electrically. The Röwa Someo and Scalea are in turn combined with the Röwa bed systems, consisting of slatted frame and mattress, according to customer requirements.

When it comes to healthy and comfortable sleep, choosing the right slatted frame and mattress is crucial. Röwa slatted frames leave nothing to be desired in terms of ergonomics, comfort and quality and in turn form the perfect basis for the numerous Röwa mattress types.

Adjust the lying position using the remote control and memory function: the head, back, upper and lower leg areas of the Röwa slatted frame can be adjusted separately - manually or by motor - and thus make the bed a place to sleep, read or relax at the same time.

Depending on the preferred lying position, weight, personal preferences for a soft or rather hard surface, as well as special needs in the hip, neck or shoulder area, there are various Röwa mattresses made of different materials with specific technology to choose from.

Sustainability and first-class quality at Röwa

Roewa Someo

Röwa is one of the founding members of the Wirtschaftsinitiative Nachhaltigkeit, Economic Initiative Sustainability, in Baden-Württemberg and has strictly aligned its company philosophy to sustainability and quality. Since production takes place exclusively at the company headquarters in Mössingen, transport routes and thus CO2 emissions are saved and the entire production process can be subjected to close quality controls and tests.

In this way, Röwa meets extremely high quality standards. In addition, the most important raw material for bed production, beech wood, is sourced from the surrounding forests, which are sustainably managed: thus with regional production and the origin of raw materials, working in cycles (such as the use of residual wood for the company heating plant), a fleet of trucks with high exhaust gas standards and AdBlue technology, as well as constant investments in sustainable innovations, Röwa has positioned itself well as a sustainable company. As a partner in the climate alliance of the Baden-Württemberg state government with companies, Röwa is also committed to constantly reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

In-house production with beech wood at Röwa (© Röwa)

Textile processing is also carried out in-house at Röwa (© Röwa)


We would be happy to advise you on the purchase of Röwa beds or bed system - from planning an ergonomically suitable mattress and slatted frame to suit your size, weight, physique and sleeping habits to purchasing a complete Röwa bed system.

Our interior designers can help you match colour, fabric and material to your personal furnishing style in the bedroom. Simply share your ideas and requirements with our smow sleep store in Stuttgart, either personally or via

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