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Knax Zjup
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Über LoCa

The focus of the Danish furniture manufacturer LoCa is innovative coat rack solutions. LoCa have made a name for itself primarily through the flat, unobtrusive, coat rack Knax by the Danish designer duo Thomas Harrit and Nicolai Sørensen. Despite the international success of Knax LoCa has remained faithful to its simple, functional design principles. And in the further development of Knax have remained true to the ideals from which it arose: aside from bringing out versions in new wood and colour combinations, LoCa have also developed new concepts from Knax including the Knax Wall Stand and Knax Lodret.

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of LoCa.

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Knax and ZJUP from LoCa. An Interview with Nicolai Sørensen from Studio Harrit & Sørensen

Without wanting to sound too much like Dieter Rams, good design really, really doesn't have to be complicated or otherwise outrageous. One of the best examples of this is without question the coat hook system Knax from LoCa. Created by Thomas Harrit and...

Knax by Harrit and Sørensen for loca

...Although it is a bit harsh to blame the baker, for not everyone can have the talent of Harrit and Sørensen, the design studio behind Knax by loca... For those of you unsure what we are on about, Knax by loca is an ingenious coat hanger from Denmark...

Hanging around with style

...A hook is a hook you think, think again, Knax from loca, is characterised by its unostentatious, functional design...

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