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The Knax coat rack from the Danish manufacturer LoCa was designed by Harrit & Sørensen A/S and impresses with its simple yet elegant design. The aluminium hooks can be pulled out when needed and disappear in the wooden strip when not in use.


Product type Clothes hanger

(1) Length: 19,8 | 39,6 | 59,4 | 79,2 | 99 cm
(2) Depth: 1,8 cm
(3) Height: 7,9 cm
Material Front: Various woods
Backboard: Sheet metal
Hooks: Aluminium
Variants Available in a range of lengths with 2-10 hooks
Colours Natural wood

MDF lacquered

Hook colours

Please be aware that as wood is a natural product colours and grains can vary.
Functions & properties The sheet metal backboard provides stability, even under large weights. Hooks pull out for use, when not in use remain with wood, thus reducing space required.
Care For cleaning the wood a damp, soft cloth with a mild detergent is recommended.
Sustainability LoCa steps off the gas pedal: by implementing innovative heat pumps powered by also newly installed solar panels on the roof, the manufacturer replaced its previous use of gas to heat its business premises with a sustainable alternative. This solution results in an impressive reduction of 29,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year!
Warranty 24 months

Popular versions

Knax, 6 hooks, Aluminium, MDF white lacquered
Knax, 4 hooks, Aluminium, Walnut oiled
Knax, 10 hooks, Aluminium, MDF white lacquered
Knax, 8 hooks, Aluminium, MDF white lacquered
Knax, 8 hooks, Aluminium, Oak oiled
Knax, 6 hooks, Aluminium, Oak oiled
Knax, 4 hooks, Aluminium, MDF white lacquered
Knax, 4 hooks, Aluminium, Soaped oak
Knax, 4 hooks, Black, Oak oiled
Knax, 6 hooks, Aluminium, Mahogany clear varnished
Knax, 6 hooks, Aluminium, Soaped oak
Knax, 6 hooks, Aluminium, Walnut oiled
Knax, 6 hooks, Black, Walnut oiled
Knax, 8 hooks, Aluminium, Walnut oiled
Knax, 6 hooks, Aluminium, MDF black lacquered
Knax, 10 hooks, Aluminium, Tobacco oak oiled
Knax, 10 hooks, Aluminium, Soaped oak
Knax, 8 hooks, Black, Beech clear varnished
Knax, 8 hooks, Black, Oak oiled
Knax, 10 hooks, Black, MDF red lacquered


Should the answers to your questions not be found here, our service team can be contacted Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm via +49 341 2222 88 22.

How is the Knax attached to the wall?

The Knax is simply and easily fixed to the wall with screws.

Is the wood in a Knax as delivered identical to the product images?

Wood is a natural material. As such product images never provide an exact impression of the actual colour and pattern. In addition Knaxs ordered in the same wood need not be identical.

Design Story

The Design

The flattest clothes hanger in the world comes from Denmark! In the closed state LoCa's Knax is just 1.7 cm deep - and even with the hooks out it reaches barely 7 cms into your room. Created in 1993 by the Copenhagen design studio Harrit & Sørensen for LoCa, the mechanism that allows Knax its functionality is an ingenuous spring which attaches the aluminium hook to the backplate. An ingenuous spring which also guarantees Knax's durability.


Knax are handmade in Denmark by LoCa. Crafted from numerous different wood types Knax is available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 hooks, all of which are created via the same production process, a production process which ensures that despite the presence of the hooks, the grain of the wood remains, flowing, through each and every Knax.


The Knax clothes hanger is produced by LoCa. Based in Tureby, Denmark the company was, in many ways, established to produce Knax. The success of which has seen LoCa move on to produce a family of products including the Hanx Hat Shelf.

Production of the clothes hanger Knax for LoCa


Knax was designed by Thomas Harrit and Nicolai Sørensen aka Harrit & Sørensen. Thomas Harrit and Nicolai Sørensen met as students as Knax was the first project realised by their, then, fledgling design studio. That initial success has since been extended by products ranging from, for example, sofas over industrial cleaners and on to medical hardware.

Thomas Harrit and Nicolai Sørensen. Designers of Knax for LoCa

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