The smow compass for optimal office design

The path to your office design as a key factor for corporate success

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SMOW COMPASS: 4 steps to efficient office design

What is the motivation for your office redesign? Is the goal to optimize the office space? Process improvement? Pressure to innovate? Recruiting? If you plan on more than just buying furniture or refurbishing your office, let the smow compass guide you.

At the beginning of any furnishing project there is often a straightforward objective: A company wants to create a new office, create good working conditions for the workforce, "nice" rooms ... At the end of the consulting process there is an understanding of where the company would like to be in the future, an understanding that also shapes how the project develops. In between there is a lot of work and also a necessary willingness to think about the identity of the company.

Our specially developed tool in the form of a compass for successful office interior design filters out specific development potential and the best possible solution for every office design project.

The smow compass depicts the four phases that an interior design project goes through. As a central component of any planning commission one must clarify what an office is needed for, what it should fullfill, and how it can support the work undertaken within it. The smow compass and the consultation process with smow's furnishing experts support you in formulating these requirements. For us, it's not about selling furniture quickly, but about designing work and living environments and building a long-term relationship.

The smow compass offers orientation for everyone involved in the furnishing project and depicts the individual steps towards the ideal new work environment in a detailed and coherent manner.

smow compass
Let the compass help you find the correct orientation: The smow compass for designing office spaces
smow compass orientate

The Orientation phase is about identifying where the office space planning journey is going. What contribution can a room make and what contribution can the smow compass make? Corona has focussed attention on the fact that offices have to deliver added value, offer something that you don't have at home, but how? We support you in your search and provide inspiration, help you visualise alternative working environments, get to know trends and develop a feeling for how rooms can affect organisation and work culture. What suits the company and what doesn't?

smow compass CREATE

The Create phase leads to the timetable. Ideally, the office workforce is included here, ideally the users are an active part of the idea, the creation and the solution, can express themselves, for example, where there should be places to meet but also to retreat, and thus that, ultimately, the workforce can identify with the office landscape.

smow compass REALISE

When everything is clear and the final plan is in place, the question is: How do implement the plan? How do we turn theory into reality? In the Realise phase, the power of the local networks that all smow stores have developed unfolds. Carpenters and electrical companies on site are coordinated and the project is controlled with years of experience and professional communication so that no money and no time is wasted.

smow compass LIFE

The Life phase makes (office) rooms and open spaces a home. In the period immediately after moving in, there are often necessary optimisations and adjustments; a process smow won't leave you alone with but will provide the necessary support. Working models are changing at a rapid pace, companies today have to be very fast and rooms have to be able to adapt, smow accompanies companies in the long term, continues the interior design process and thereby contributes to the further development of the company.

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A furnishing project is usually about more than just tables, chairs, lamps or meeting facilities. "Space is a strategic resource. A well-designed space solves problems. When the work processes are optimal, communication is good, people feel good, they stay and make their contribution to the success of the company."

Toni Piskač is the managing director of  tnpx GmbH, who, as a consulting, furnishing and planning expert, supports companies on the interior design path.