Medical practice furnishing with USM Haller

Furnishing modern medical practices with USM practice furniture – from the treatment room to the waiting room

Surgery with USM Haller furniture

USM Haller furniture for medical practices

For over 50 years the USM Haller modular system has not only found innumerable and varied use in apartments and offices worldwide, it has also been employed as a flexible and timeless classic companion in healthcare. Anyone arriving for a doctor's appointment does not expect as a first step an impressive design experience, the medical practice is primarily about competence in health, not design. Nevertheless, the design of a practice is important, because a well thought-out equipment concept not only creates a positive impression and makes the stay more comfortable, it also makes the work of the staff easier. From reception to the waiting room to the treatment room there are different requirements and demands to be met – from the optimal workflow to the right material to an ergonomic and attractive design.

What is important for medical practice equipment

In addition to structural and functional aspects relating to fire protection, accessibility or sanitary facilities, the requirements of occupational safety and health as well as the requirements for protection against infection must also be taken into account. These refer not only to the medical technology and the room layout, but to the entire interior. Consequently you need furniture that thinks ahead and is prepared for everything.

Aligned to the demands

Compared to other premises, a doctor's surgery is exposed to a much higher risk of infection and thus demands a strict hygiene concept. The rooms are divided into different sectors, from areas with lower risk of infection, such as reception, waiting rooms, lounges or offices, to areas with a greater potential risk of infection, such as consulting rooms, up to the highest level, the treatment and operating rooms. Even if every room has different cleaning and disinfection requirements, they all require an intense programme. Thus, the furniture and its materials therefore not only have to be easy to clean, but also robust and resistant to withstand this strain in the long term without loss of quality or colour. While disinfectants usually cause stains on wooden surfaces, metal, glass or synthetic resin are less sensitive. Most of the surfaces offered by USM are made of powder coated metal and are not only resistant to the generally recommended disinfectants, but also non-flammable in terms of fire protection.

In a healthy flow

Day in, day out, the team in a practice takes care of the well-being of the patients: it is thus all the more important that it finds optimal working conditions for body, mind and soul. This includes not only a healthy environment with enough space, light and air, but also a clear, workflow-adapted workplace with ergonomically designed furniture that keeps everything within reach. Whether counters in different formations, height-adjustable tables or corona-compliant security screens, the flexible USM Haller system knows how to handle the most diverse areas of application and guidelines appropriately. And as it can be configured individually according to the respective ideas, requirements and work situations, it can be used tailor-made and thus supports the perfect flow and well-being.

Uniform design concept

A doctor's appointment is usually accompanied by many emotions – from fear to excitement to great joy. It is all the more important that the patients feel that they are in good hands right from the start. A clear and consistent design concept contributes significantly to this and allows the expertise of a doctor to come into effect in the reception area. Ideally in the corporate design of the practice, a coordinated colour and lighting concept with a friendly atmosphere and modular furniture that runs through the entire practice and ensures clarity. The versatile USM Haller furniture system can not only be used for a wide variety of areas and tasks, it also adapts individually to the corporate identity thanks to its wide range of colours and gives practices of any size a timeless elegance with a clear, individual, identity.

Quality and sustainability

All of our health depends essentially on the health of our planet, a health that is influenced by the decisions we take in context of the natural environment and also the artificial spaces in which we invariably find ourselves; and in such interiors the longer-lasting and more stable a product is, the better for the environment. And for the planet. All USM furniture is made exclusively from high-quality and durable materials using the latest ecological processes, which guarantee long product use. In addition the furniture is almost exclusively produced at the primary location in Münsingen, Switzerland. For this responsible use of our resources and emissions, the furniture company has already been awarded the Greenguard certification for low chemical substances and particle emissions.

USM practice furniture for all areas

USM practice furniture is a real all-rounder, from the overall composition to the smallest detail. The secret of its long-term and versatile success? The system consists of three components that create a simple and ingenious connection: steel tubes that are responsible for the structure, metal trays that serve as cladding and a small chrome plated brass ball that holds everything together as a connector. This creates not only individual design freedom in all sizes and colours, but also the possibility of expanding or reducing at any time. And diligently following the motto form follows function.

Welcome from the start – The reception area

The first contact with the patient takes place in the reception area, insurance cards are scanned, information is exchanged, patient files are prepared and picked up by the doctor. However, the reception not only provides a first impression for the visitors, it is also the main work area for the practice team. The linchpin here is the USM Haller reception desk, which the manufacturer presents in different versions – whether classic, straightforward, with gradual alternation and storage or as an object that thinks around the corner. All models with their closed front are impressively simple and elegantly conceal storage space for files and all kinds of utensils. All versions can also be easily supplemented with the USM Security Screen, a plexiglass structure that functions as a transparent and safe partition in times of distance rules and increased hygiene measures. The USM counter with transfer compartment goes one step further and enables a contactless exchange of insurance cards, prescriptions or medication. Depending on the space and needs all counters can be configured in different sizes and colours and can be retrofitted, expanded or reduced at any time depending on the current location and the required security measures. The USM desk ensures sufficient storage and space behind the counter for the office organization. Thanks to its uncomplicated castors, it can also be used to change the place of use, with an integrated drawer if desired. The changeable USM filing shelf, which consists of a combination of closed compartments such as movable shelves, and the practical USM mobile pedestal with hanging file ensure representative order and structure. So all analogue data remains safe and protected.

Design classics in the waiting room

Those who have to see a doctor rarely avoid the waiting room. A coherent and appealing spatial concept helps patients to feel comfortable and in good hands and to let time fly by faster. In addition to comfortable and easy-clean seating and plenty of light and air, distraction in the most beautiful form is the best way to help – as with the USM Haller side table in various sizes or the USM highboard, which both offer space for storage and presentation of newspapers, magazines and information material. Whether individually or in combination, whether colour-coordinated or rather colourful and rich in contrast, the USM Haller cube is an innovative and timeless solution for the children's corner, because the cube is not only suitable for spatial design and separation, it also easily accommodates toys, pillows, books and painting utensils.

The next please – functionality in the consulting room

Here files are read, diagnoses are made and treatments discussed. As a technical and emotional centre of practice the consulting room above all needs a clear structure and a calming atmosphere that offers space for communication and concentration. The height-adjustable USM Haller desk enables an ideal and ergonomic work situation and can be harmoniously supplemented with the USM Haller filing shelves in order to have reference works, brochures or other documents quickly at hand. The lockable USM display cabinet also serves as safe storage for important documents or medication.

Mobile USM practice furniture for the treatment room

In order to provide the best possible support for the examination, treatment or operation, functional furniture such as the USM practice furniture that can be reliably and quickly available is of utmost importance. Thanks to its flexible and lockable castors, the mobile USM practice trolley is available at the right place at any time and with or without a bumper if required. The practice staff is also supported by the USM Haller mobile pedestal which can accompany them through the different situations or rooms and, like all other USM products, is easy to disinfect. And as there are always utensils and medication that should not fall into the wrong hands, a USM Haller sideboard is recommended, which offers plenty of storage space and can also be locked. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown once again that our world will continue to change and will always present us with new tasks and challenges. Therefore the need to consider a design concept that combines all the essential requirements and can still change and adapt: flexible, systematic and with style.

USM Haller Assembly Videos

In our USM assembly videos we show you tips and tricks for converting your USM furniture. For more inspiration, visit the smow Youtube channel.

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