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smow USM Configurator
USM Haller Table
USM Haller Sideboard L, Customisable
Series 7 Chair 3107
S 43 Classic
USM Haller Side Table 35
USM Haller Side Table 50
Capisco 8106
USM Haller Counter M with Security Screen
USM Haller Security Screen
USM Haller Counter Type 1
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal with Hanging File Basket
S 64 Swivel Chair
Sticks Coat Rack
Line Wardrobe
USM Haller Cube
Aava Chair
Capisco Puls 8010
USM Haller Counter M with Security Screen and Hatch
Cover Side Chair
USM Haller Counter L with Security Screen
USM Haller E Sideboard L with Compartment Lighting
Maui Chair
Catifa 46 Tube
Catifa 46 Sledge
Méditerranéa Pendant Lamp
USM Haller Counter Type 3
Series 7 Chair 3107 New Colours
USM Haller Surgery Trolley
DKR Wire Chair Checker
Grand Prix 3130 New Colours
Ant Chair 3101 New Colours
USM Haller E Sideboard M with Compartment Lighting
Chaise Tout Bois
Wagner Chair
USM Haller Waiting Room Table
USM Haller Storage Unit with 3 Angled Shelves
USM Haller Vitrine
USM Haller Counter Type 2 (with Angled Shelves)
USM Haller Counter Type 4
USM Haller Surgery Sideboard

Furnishing solutions for clinics & waiting rooms

Friendly waiting room with Eames Shell Chairs

Clinic furniture should be robust and easy to clean - as exemplified by USM

An attractive, neat coat rack is essential in any surgery waiting area

A place where patients feel comfortable

When establishing or redesigning your medical practice, there are a number of things to keep in mind. A visually appealing composition of the practice is important, so that your patients feel comfortable, are relaxed ahead of their treatment, and want to return. Consequently it makes sense to integrate decorative elements, plants, pictures or wooden furniture into the rooms of your clinic. In terms of seating, especially in the waiting areas, you should always make sure that they are made of hygienic materials, while still offering great comfort, should the waiting time be a bit longer. If your practice has a high number of younger visitors, age-appropriate toys and sturdy, colourful furniture that will reduce the boredom of waiting times are essential; for all it makes sense to use special children's furniture which is adapted to the size of children and visually creates an area that is inviting and where they are happy to remain.

I want to stay - with children creating the correct atmosphere is of utmost importance

A consulting room which is reduced to the essentials, and yet radiates warmth

Atmospheric furnishing of your practice rooms

The decor of the treatment rooms should be focused on the essentials and do without too many whistles and bells. Isolated decorative elements such as a designer lamp, a chic clock, beautiful flowers or a picture are self-explanatory, but the room should also give a coherent, unified reduced impression, but nonetheless feel good - here balance is the A & O! Especially in the treatment room, it is important that the furniture used is easy to clean, so that the hygienic conditions can be maintained where the highest demands here. Manufacturers such as USM Haller have a wide range of practical furniture that can be customised in a variety of ways - so you can configure just about anything your clinician's heart desires, from the individual roll container to the complete shelving system for your patient records. The timeless furniture can also be purchased with formica coating, and even the most delicate tools can be optimally sorted with the help of the versatile USM accessories.

Design classics from Cassina, Classicon or USM for your practice rooms

And in the doctor's office the Capisco 8106 and Capisco Puls 8010 are true all-rounders

USM furniture creates storage space and ensures order in the consulting room

Configure a coherent practice interior with USM

Because the first impression counts: an inviting reception

The reception is the area that the practice the visitor sees first. The first impression is crucial here, and so not only friendly, competent staff are important, but also an appropriate interior design. The entrance area with reception and coat rack should be optically aligned to the rest of the practice, so that a consistently calm image is conveyed: a thread running through the waiting room, reception and consultation room automatically has a calming, confidence-inspiring effect on the patient. The design of the practice rooms and the reception area should thus never be neglected, as this, and for all the first impression, contributes, along with the attitude of staff and methods of treatment, to creating the overall impression the patient has of a practice.

Your project with smow

We are happy to advise on your project and support you individually - from the planning to realisation. Whether a small practice or a larger hospital area, discuss your ideas with our planning department. Depending on the project, the realisation by our architects or interior designers will be managed by a smow store or via our online shop. You can contact the smow planning department from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm on +49 341 2222 88 66 or via email at