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Aluminium Group EA 117
Soft Pad Group EA 217
Elephant Swivel Chair
ID Mesh
ID Trim
ID Soft
ID Air
ID Trim L
Series 7 Swivel Chair 3117
Work Chair Seesaw
Unix Chair with Five Star Base
Tuffy - The Wild Bunch
S 197 R20
Maui Soft Swivel Chair
SoFi 7500 Mesh
S 64 Swivel Chair
Kevi Air
Catifa 46 Swivel Chair
Office Chair Mr. Square
Kevi 2533
AM Chair
Allstar Office Swivel Chair
Capisco Puls 8010
Capisco 8106
S 43 Swivel Chair
Swivel Chair
Series 7 Swivel Armchair 3217
Studio Chair
Series 7 Swivel Chair 3117 / 3217 Full Upholstery

Ergonomic office chairs

Vitra office chairs for modern working environments

Ergonomics is one of the most important issues when it comes to workplace health and productivity. When choosing the right office swivel chair, ergonomic aspects should be taken into account. Amongst the most important factors, the height of the chair should be adjustable so that the upper and lower arms form a right angle with the desk, the same applies to the upper and lower legs. When working, the feet should be on the floor as much as possible, alternatively a slightly increased support is advisable. Optimal relief of the back is achieved if the entire back rests on the back of the office swivel chair. The Swiss furniture manufacturer and office furniture specialist Vitra works on the development of its office swivel chairs with innovative materials, techniques and detailed solutions. The ID Mesh office swivel chair, for example, has an additional lumbar support that relieves the lower back, the FlowMotion mechanism of the ID Chairs in turn activates muscles and spine. Thanks to their flexibility, office swivel chairs from manufacturers such as Vitra, Richard Lampert, Håg or Engelbrechts encourage dynamic sitting - something particularly important for ensuring healthy office seating.

The optimal sitting posture at the workplace

Vitra ID Trim office swivel chair

Vitra Physix

Mr. Square task chair from Richard Lampert

The correct office swivel chairs for your office

The Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra is one of the pioneers in the fields of office furniture and office chair design. With office swivel chairs like the Vitramat, the first Vitra office swivel chair from 1976, or the Figura and Persona chairs by the Italian designer Mario Bellini from 1984, Vitra sets new standards in terms of technology and design: since then, the manufacturer has repeatedly lived up to this reputation with innovative and versatile office chairs with the Vitra Task Chairs such as the Physix by Alberto Meda. Product series such as the Vitra ID Chairs are particularly suitable for furnishing large offices, as with their different models and various additional options they effortlessly respond to the different requirements of modern working environments. Products such as the Kevi office chairs from Engelbrechts or the Eiermann classic S 197 R from Wilde + Spieth also impress with their clear design and simple elegance.

Håg Capisco office chair

Wilde + Spieth SBG 197 R office chair