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Vitra Task Chairs

The ID Soft Black Special belongs to the Vitra Task Chair family

The development of the office chair since 1976

The Swiss company Vitra not only gained worldwide fame for its design classics and home accessories by Charles and Ray Eames, but is also a pioneer in the office sector. The Vitramat in 1976, which created the basis for dynamic sitting with its synchronous mechanism, marked the start of the development of the Vitra office chairs. Persona and Figura followed in 1984 and finally the AC 1 in 1988, which triumphed with its special backrest mechanism and with which the company took a new step both formally and technically. The T-Chair from 1994 was especially convincing with its three-dimensional knitwear cover, which was used for the first time in this context. In 1996 followed the Meda Chair, named after designer Alberto Meda, and which paid homage to the Aluminium Chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. The office chairs from the 2000s are now among the modern Vitra classics in the office, works such as the HeadLine being a firm fixture in the IT industry, while the ID Chairs can be configured as required and used in various work areas. Over the years, Vitra's office furniture collection has continued to evolve, thanks to innovative designs, clever ideas and state-of-the-art technology, so that today the manufacturer can boast a stately portfolio that offers the perfect work chair for every need.

The ACX Soft office chair from Vitra

Vitra office chairs for various work situations and user needs

The right chair for every workspace

When choosing the correct office chair, the consideration of the work situation is of great importance. Is the employee a "teamworker" who uses his own desk but often interacts with other team members? A "connector", who is often in the office, but also attends many meetings? Or a "navigator" who works out of house and only occasionally appears on site? All these considerations should be included in any office planning and furnishings included to provide each employee with a solution appropriate to their needs. During a long day at the office, special attention should be paid to dynamic sitting: forward inclination of the chair has a particularly positive effect on the body, because the freeing of the intervertebral discs promotes a healthy spine. In addition, dynamic sitting contributes to a better supply of oxygen to the muscles, promotes blood circulation and prevents tension: the consequences are an enhanced ability to concentrate and the reduction of tension and stress, which leads to an increased work performance. And a position reflected, for example, in the patented weight-reactive ProMotion mechanics for the AM Chair and the Pacific Chair as well as in the FlowMotion mechanism for the ID Chairs.

Dynamic sitting with the Vitra office swivel chair ID Soft

Different types of work - different demands

Typologies of the office chair from Vitra

Dynamic work chair: Physix from Vitra

The ACX Soft in the Vitra Amsterdam Showroom

The ACX Soft from Vitra also cuts a fine figure in the home office

Longevity and sustainability

In order to ensure a long service life of Vitra chairs, the company tests its office chairs under the parameter of a 15-year use and additionally carries out so-called "worst-case checks" which contain extremely strict criteria. Also in terms of sustainability, the renowned manufacturer is on a well considered path: the ID Chair, for example, consists of as few components as possible, for which easily separable materials are used. As a result, the ID Chairs are up to 95 % recyclable and consist of up to 58 % recycled materials. Also maintenance and repair contribute to an enhanced environmental friendliness, as worn parts can be replaced and seat covers removed and renewed.

Vitra Allstar for flexible working

Vitra Physix in a modern work environment

ID Trim from the ID Chair Concept from Vitra

Individual project planning and consulting with smow

We are happy to advise you on your project as regards furniture from Vitra and support you individually - from planning to implementation. Whether for a residential, office or public area, just share your ideas with our Planning Department.

Depending on the project, the realisation of your project by our architects and interior designers will be managed by a local smow store on site or via our online shop. You can contact our planning department from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm via +49 (0) 341 2222 88 66 or mail

In our smow stores you also have the opportunity to experience and test an extensive range of Vitra Task Chairs live and thus find your personal favourite.