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The Vitra Prouvé Collection

Since 2002, Vitra has distributed the Vitra Prouvé Collection in the form of re-editions of furniture designs by the French designer and architect Jean Prouvé, a collection realised in close collaboration with the Prouvé family. As a skilled blacksmith, Prouvé specialises in the processing of metal - the unique and skillful combination of metal and wood is therefore probably one of the most striking characteristics of his furniture designs. Whether with the Vitra Standard Chair or the bar stool Tabouret Haut, static considerations are always reflected in the design and are reflected by the use of the choice of materials. Typical for the Prouvé Collection are the tapered legs, as found, for example, on the dining table EM Table made of powder coated sheet steel and the woode stool/side table Tabouret Solvay.

EM Table & Standard Chairs