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Vitra furniture for the home office: buy design classics online

Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSW
Soft Pad Group EA 217
Panton Chair
Aluminium Group EA 117
ACX Light
ID Mesh
AM Chair
Uten.Silo II
Aluminium Group EA 119
Compas Direction
Tip Ton
Uten.Silo I
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR
Home Desk
Happy Bin
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE PSCC
Eames Plastic Armchair RE PACC
Chronopak Clock
ID Soft
ID Air
Aluminium Group EA 103 / EA 104
ACX Soft
Aluminium Group EA 107 / EA 108
ID Trim
Chaise Tout Bois
Allstar Office Swivel Chair
ID Soft Black Special
Akari 1A

Effective work in the home office with Vitra furniture

The Vitra Physix proves that office chairs can also look good

As part of advancing digitalisation working in the home office has long been established as a flexible solution in many companies: working from home having many advantages, including potential positive effects on concentration and productivity. With a selection of desks, a wide range of office chairs and various accessories, Vitra offers everything you need to quickly create a productive and attractive working environment at home. Vitra office swivel chairs are particularly ergonomic, and thus promote dynamic sitting and relieve the spine, although it is of course advisable to get up and exercise regularly at work, be that in the office or at home.

Vitra Alu Chair EA 107

Vitra Physix office chair by Alberto Meda

Vitra classic in the home office: EM Table from Jean Prouvé

Multi-purpose chairs for multi purposes

A technically sophisticated office chair is not always required for working in the home office. Vitra offers a wide range of chairs, which have proven themselves in various areas and which can be used in the study as well as at the dining table or when sitting together. Vitra multi-purpose chairs such as the classic Eames plastic chairs not only look good, they also offer a high level of comfort and, thanks to their handiness and light weight, can be easily moved around and carried from one room to another.

Eames Plastic Chair PSCC from Vitra

Vitra Home Desk from George Nelson

Order - half the battle, even in the home office

Depending on the type of work, a lot of material is needed and/or generated in the home office: stationery must be stored and paper disposed of. Vitra design products provide a quick and reliable remedy. Vitra accessories, wardrobes and wast paper baskets fulfil their function perfectly, always setting nice accents as they do, and thus also contributing to a pleasant working atmosphere. A practical and popular Vitra classic is the Vitra Toolbox, in which all writing utensils and aids can be easily organized.

Vitra ID Soft Chair in the home office

Vitra office chairs in the home office

Vitra designs for children

If the work in the home office must run parallel with childcare, the Swiss company is also on hand to offer various toys and accessories that help children to pass the time at home. Vitra objects such as the famous Eames Elephant or the various wooden dolls are ideal playmates and, once the little ones are in bed, also impress as decorative objects.

Vitra Toolbox

Eames Elephant from Vitra