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Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR
Eames Fiberglass Armchair DAW
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSW
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSX
Eames Fiberglass Armchair DAR
Eames Fiberglass Armchair RAR
Eames Fiberglass Armchair DAX
Eames Fiberglass Armchair LAR

A milestone in furniture history: The Eames Fiberglass Chairs

In 1950, the Fiberglass Chairs by Charles & Ray Eames were released on the market as a collection with different bases and in many colours - a small step for Charles & Ray, a big step for the world of furniture design! The fiberglass chairs were the first chairs in which legs and seat shell were made separately and then bolted together. Thus, a multifunctional chair type was born in which the base frame and seat shell can be combined with each other as desired. In addition the novel chair was the first mass-produced plastic chair; thus it comes as no surprise that the Eames Chair, which has so strongly influenced American furniture design, is considered one of the great 20th century design classics.

Eating area with Eames Fiberglass Chairs in original Eames colours

The Eames Fiberglass Chairs are back

Fiberglass fascinates above all through its irregular surface, a surface which looks almost like a natural material thanks to its visible fibers. Exactly this tactile and visual experience makes the Fiberglass Chairs so popular with collectors. The original production process was discontinued as it was technically obsolete and no longer economical - but the fascination remained at Vitra as with Eames lovers. Following intensive research Vitra has now brought the Eames classic back to life: thanks to the latest high-tech production methods, it is now possible to produce the Eames fiberglass chairs in their original material! Design connoisseurs can enjoy the Fiberglass Chairs in different colours that, with their vibrant, irregular texture and cool retro shades, conjure up a touch of fifties in any room - be it in the home, object or exhibition space.

With devotion to the original design Vitra re-issues the Eames Fiberglass Chairs evoking the spirit of their time of creation

The Eames Fiberglass Chairs @ smow

Test the chairs and experience the fascinating look and feel of the Eames classic live in our smow stores or order the legendary Fiberglass Chairs by Charles & Ray Eames in the smow online shop and have your new design icon delivered to your home. The original Vitra Fiberglass Chairs are the perfect match for the Eames Plastic Chairs and because both series have the same wooden, Eiffel Tower or four-legged bases are equipped, they also have the same seat height. Thanks to the Vitra colour update the design classics in that most expressive of material also impress with three new variants - Classic Red, Ochre Light and Ochre Dark - which perfectly enhance the material. Fans of Charles & Ray Eames armchairs will have to wait a little longer but ... A new edition of the revolutionary Eames Fiberglass Armchairs will soon be available from Vitra!

The Eames Fiberglass Chairs from Vitra can be optimally combined with the Eames Plastic Chairs

The fascinating structure ...

... is the trademark of Eames Fiberglass Chairs

The popular DSW with fiberglass seat

Navy Blue meets classic chrome in the EFC DSX

The Eames Eiffel Tower frame is now also available with a fiberglass seat shell

The Chair of a Century: The Eames Fiber Chairs and Eames Plastic Chairs are now available in many new colours

Charles & Ray Eames

The designer couple Charles & Ray Eames are probably the most famous and influential designer couple of the 20th century. Together, they created numerous revolutionary pieces of furniture and committed themselves to making good, affordable design for everyone. Thereby Charles Eames and his wife Ray re-wrote the history of design again and again: In addition to the Fiberglass Chairs they developed with their team in the Eames Office many more icons. When not working on new furniture prototypes and experimenting with new materials and colours, they shot films, photographed or conceived exhibitions. All of which ade the Americans legends of design history, with their early designs, such as the Fiberglass Chairs, holding the status of coveted collectors' items.

«I never stopped painting. I just changed my palette» - Ray Eames and her husband Charles spent many days creating the perfect colour world for the Eames Fiberglass Chair.

The Vitra Eames Fiberglass Chairs: An overview

Eames Fiberglass Armchairs

Vitra Eames DAR Fiberglass
Dining Height Armchair Rod Base

Vitra DAR Fiberglass

Vitra Eames DAX Fiberglass
Dining Height Armchair X-Base

Vitra DAX Fiberglass

Vitra Eames DAW Fiberglass
Dining Height Armchair Wooden Base

Vitra DAW Fiberglass

Vitra Eames RAR Fiberglass
Rocking Armchair Rod Base

Vitra RAR Fiberglass

Vitra Eames LAR Fiberglass
Lounge Height Armchair Rod Base

Vitra LAR Fiberglass

Eames Fiberglass Side Chairs

Vitra Eames DSR Fiberglass
Dining Height Side Chair Rod Base

Vitra DSR Fiberglass

Vitra Eames DSX Fiberglass
Dining Height Side Chair X-Base

Vitra DSX Fiberglass

Vitra Eames DSW Fiberglass
Dining Height Side Chair Wood Base

Vitra DSW Fiberglass