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Horgenglarus furniture: Sales and advice in these smow stores

Plan with tables and chairs from Horgenglarus

Since 1880, Horgenglarus, the oldest chair and table manufacturer in Switzerland, has relied on timeless products that have endured for more than one generation. The focus is on the combination of traditional craftsmanship, the latest CNC technology and sustainable business. In the manufactory in Glarus, chairs and tables of the highest quality and high design standards are manufactured, and which can be effortlessly used when beauty, robustness and comfort are required.

The classic chair from 1918 is still produced today and has now achieved cult status. Horgenglarus is a piece of Swiss history that succeeds in transferring the classic ideals of “the new simplicity” into the 21st century.


Share your vision with us and together we can plan your project with smow and Horgenglarus. We look forward to your visit. We offer Horgenglarus table and chairs in the following smow stores:

smow sleep Stuttgart
Sophienstraße 14
70178 Stuttgart

smow Stuttgart
Sophienstraße 17
70178 Stuttgart

smow Solothurn
Kronengasse 15
CH-4500 Solothurn

Your furnishing project with Horgenglarus and smow

We would be happy to discuss your project, and your wish for modern, robust solid wood tables and chairs, with you, and then support you individually from planning to implementation. Whether it's residential furnishings, a restaurant or the public area, simply share your ideas with our planning department.

Depending on the project, your project will be realized by our architects or interior designers in a local smow store. If you don't live near our stores, contact us via the Planning Department or by email at

Bentwood furniture for the home, restaurant or public spaces

Delivery for Horgenglarus: Solid wood from the Swiss Jura

The bar stool and chair known simply as classic, with a seat height of 46 or 80 cm - a factory design from the early 1900s

Icon of the traditional wooden chair: the icon 1-340 model for the home or office

Each product is a one-off original

The upholstered chair seley with armrests in combination with the height-adjustable table ess.tee.tisch is perfect for the lounge area

State-of-the-art cnc technology: also part of the Horgenglarus attitude

The Horgenglarus wooden chair haefeli is a popular contract chair with and without upholstery that dates back to 1926

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The Historia Supellexalis: "S" for Switzerland

...Diaries which contain some of the most complete and detailed descriptions of Swiss society, and in which one also finds the earliest descriptions of the earliest (hi)story of the contemporary Switzerland, a, as Heidi records, nation constituted from a loosely bound collective, a cantonation, of ancient peoples, including, and amongst many, many others, the Röthlisberger, the Horgenglarus, the Usm, the Wohnbedarf, the Embru, or the Vitronians whose contemporary Commonwealth of Vitra was initially established across a number of fields on the banks of the river Birs in the north-western corner of the Toblerone cordillera... A cantonation of ancient peoples who, as Heidi's diaries inform us, had, before the development of the contemporary Switzerland with its harmonic pluralism, led largely isolated, singular, existences in their own Toblerone valleys, and where they had all developed their own particular approach to and materials for furniture design and construction: the Usm, for example, forming the abundant brass of Switzerland into small balls which served as the basis for a modular storage system; the Horgenglarus perfecting the bending of wood into circles for their chairs; or the Embru who perfected the bending of metallic tubes into all manner of forms for whole collections of furniture objects...

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