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Birdy Floor Lamp
Valet Wall Console
Mass Side Table
Acorn Pendant Lamp
Hifive Sideboard
Daybe Dining Sofa
Me Floor Lamp
Buddy Floor Lamp
Nest Hook
Snowball Floor Lamp
Unika Pendant Lamp
Daybe Sofa Bed
Buddy Table Lamp
Extension for Expand Table
Snowball Table Lamp
Peek Wall Mirror
Stilk Coffee Table
Hifive Wall Shelf
Loud Bar Trolley
Valet Wall Drawer
Brim Vase
Blush Rail Pendant
Expand Dining Table
Reveal Pendant lamp
Row Rug
Oaki Dining Chair
Expand Dining Table Circular
Frame Drying Horse

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The Norwegian manufacturer Northern was founded in Oslo in 2005, initially as a lighting specialist but more recently with a broad design portfolio which ably demonstrates that Norwegian design has also earned its place in the Scandinavian design tradition. The manufacturer draws its inspiration from Scandinavian nature, culture and society and experiments a lot with the properties of natural light; consequently the light designs from Northern produce natural light for a variety of moods, moments and spaces. Atmospheric lamps such as Acorn and Birdy are inspired by nature, while Me remain classically Scandinavian simple. Northern works with a roster of international designers, from young talents to long-established designers. The success of the concept of Northern speaks for itself: the company is now represented in more than 30 countries. The shortened name reflects the company's new expanded product portfolio intentions to move into new fields.

The Buddy Table Lamp base provides space for pens, brushes & more

Individually configurable Hifive Wall Shelf

Puristic Stilk Coffee Table